Sunday, May 31, 2009

Today was a good day! It began with a tub of cream cheese frosting.

Add to that some lemon sweet cupin cakes.

Wow! Look what happens when the two collide! Colorful stuff!

Larissa came over to help decorate the cupcakes. She got right to work. Blue frosting was the first choice.

Many toppings were available and she did a great job with them.

Pink frosting was another choice. Three faces smiling at you!

She was so creative! I enjoyed watching her at work: she is really good at this. You go girl!

I did a couple, so between us we decorated some colorful, beautiful, amazing cupcakes.

We then took a short drive to the Ronald McDonald house to deliver the goods. Larissa put out the cupcakes.

Happy face looking at you. How could you not smile when looking at this little fellow?

We went on a tour of the house, and one of our first stops was the play area outside.

Ah, she made a new friend.

One of the hallways have Disney characters painted throughout. You can see Larissa's favorite.

A couple of children greet you at the front door. Very playful. At the right of the picture is a list of activities for the house: this allows residents to keep up with what's happening day by day.

More children to greet you. Here we are outside the front door.

Along the garden wall are ceramic figures and pictures made from ceramic tiles. I have to admit I haven't taken the time to look at all the pictures. It was fun for both of us to take our time and check them out.

Okay, now she found another friend. This is one great kid!

Isn't he cute? And yes, he's missing a hand. And the kid next to him only has a head.

Kinda bizarre, really.

It was fun checking all this out with Larissa. I'm glad she was able to come with me.

After we came home she called Mom and then we high tailed it over to Metzger School to play on the playground. The spinning seat was a hit.

It took her a while, but she got it going pretty well. And then I spun her around for a while. She got going pretty well!

She found the climbing wall.

Going strong.

Queen of the hill!!!!!!!!!

Climbing the bridge. Back and forth, back and forth.

Hanging around.

Going up.

Going down.

And then she came back to hang out with Lire. Lire really liked her: it was a mutual admiration society.

I had a good time with Larissa today. Doug jokingly asked me if I was auditioning for a new kid. Well, this one is a keeper!!

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