Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dragon boats and coffee

Monday night Mark and I headed on out to Portland for an evening cruise on the Portland Spirit. Intel was providing a night out on the town and we were all for it, even though it was a bit 'rainy'. Gee, rainy in Oregon. Who knew?

So we were nice and warm in the Portland Spirit. Folks were out in the cold and wet, preparing for the upcoming Dragon Boat races during Rose Festival. You know, June is almost here! Wow.

Yes it was rainy, but it was still a nice view out. Love the water.

Hanging out with my best guy.

Hanging out with my best friend. Coffee. I admit it. I do love coffee.

So fast forward to yesterday. I now head on out to the RMH, and on my way I see a dog hanging his head out the window, having a great time. I realize that I have my camera in my purse, and I barely get it out to take a quick picture and the big ole fellow turns his head at the last minute before they take off. He was a kick.

Sugar cookies and sprinkles. Always a great combination.

Here is a new one: chocolate cookies with broken up Oreos in them. I got RAVE reviews for these. A keeper my friends.


After. Peanut butter and chocolate chip cookies. These are some of the most popular cookies I make at the House. And due to my learnings from Kseniya I make them last (peanut allergies) and clearly mark them so that folks are aware there is PB in them. I'm learning.

And Jennifer, one of the wonderful moms who stayed at the House, made me an apron and I love it. Big ole pockets in it help me keep track of my glasses and such. How could you not love that, and that she made it for me?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Scapbooking frenzy

I took Friday off and drove on up to go to a bed and breakfast for a scrapbooking weekend. I met Mary Jo at her house, got to see Randy and Mom (and she is looking GOOD: made me so happy!!!!! Oh, and Randy looked GOOD too. Don't want him to feel left out), and we stopped by Gig Harbor to have lunch at Kelly's (I think that's right). I had the veggie sandwich and let me just say it was one of the BEST sandwiches I've EVER had. I mean that. It was so gosh darn good. I can't wait to go back.

Now, it helps when you go scrapbooking to actually take pictures with you. Sigh. But I took a bunch of stuff, and you know: I was actually very busy!! I did some pages for Caroline (that was fun), and a bunch of pages for folks at the RMH, and some cards. I enjoyed that more than I can say.

Kerry got a lot done. Look at all this!

Of course, she had two adorable boys that makes it fun. Like the little fellow here who wasn't really warming up to the pumpkins....

'Car wash.....working at the car wash, yeah.....' You singing yet??

The food was so good.

Broiled grapefruit, with edible flowers. So pretty and so tasty.

I loved the glass statue on the mantle. The colors and everything. You can see me taking the picture at the left, LOL!

The woman who lived in the house was a suffragette. How cool is that???

This book fascinated me. I loved the green bunny....

This is a board game on display.

The best part about it? Emma, on the cover, is the woman who lived in the house.

Mary Jo and I had a wonderful room. The bed was not only beautiful, but was very comfortable. A winning combination.

We stayed in the room named for Susan B Anthony.

This is the view as you walked out of our room.

As the good Intel employee I am, I used the hand rail. Safety first!

Cookies were available at all times.

Nice seating on the front porch. A nice place to relax.

Lions guarded us at all times.

Isn't this an amazing entry?

They have a large property, and even the house next door fits in.

We had a wonderful time and I hope I can go again next year!

Love my new floors!!!

I think the house is beginning to come together. Comfortable. Looking good. Lire seems to think it's a great place to curl up with a good book (LOL!).

LOOK at how nice our new carpet looks!!

It even makes the furniture look passable (so we can postpone getting new furniture until we find what we really like).

We moved the shelves in the family room into the living room and it looks good. Mark didn't quite buy it until it was all in place, and now he really likes it.

Love my grade school books, post office boxes, baby planters, and cute little cars.

This little guy was found in the dirt right after the house was torn down and all the trappings were hauled away to the dump. I figured he really wanted to 'live', so he has a special place in my heart.

Jenn and Steven relax after doing homework.

Cari came over to see and admire the new floors, and play with the wog. They had fun!

Then she hung out with Steven. They had 'fun'.

Well, Cari had fun picking on Steven. He may be way taller than her, but she is still the top banana around here!

That's my girl!

Mark and I decided to take a walk and see if the horses were out.

Sure enough, there they were. We see them every once in a while when we drive by this pasture, and I really wanted to take some pictures.

We got a personal greetings. Isn't life great???

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My first

Last night Mark and I met up with Kathy, Victor, Charlie, Rachel, and Dana at the University of Portland's Relay. It was in the commons and a perfect location, with bright lights hanging from several tents. I gather the students can't camp out, but they still found a way to make it work.

They had several activities going on. When we got there the band Alma Desnuda was playing and they were SO GOOD! They're from SF and they may be able to play at our Relay, since they already have a concert planned in Portland around the same time. Fingers crossed!!!

And I loved this shirt for breast cancer prevention: 'don't slack, check your rack'. Excellent!

When we got there we didn't see one luminaria out, and we got there around 9 pm. Kathy asked and they assured us that all would be up and running by 10, and they were correct.

Dana was one of the speakers and she did a great job because she spoke from her heart.

It was a nice sight to walk the commons and see all the bags. I bought a bag for my Mom, but I didn't see it. Doesn't matter: I know she knows it was there and that's what counts.

Keep on fighting Super Dave. I don't know you, but I Relay for you.

My first Lumanaria Ceremony after Mom died. I miss you Mom, and I will keep on fighting, just like Super Dave. We're in it to win.