Sunday, July 29, 2012

Gotta love the web for finds like this!

Our theme for ACS Relay For Life of Hillsboro is 'Saving the World One Cure at at Time'.  I found this shirt online from the Seattle Relay.  How cool is this?  We need to look into getting something similar for our Relay.  Wow!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Hey, a picture I like!

My friend Dean took this picutre. Wow, a picture of myself I like.  Do wonders never cease, LOL!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Relay is filled with moments like this.

I love this picture of Charlie hugging Rosemary.  They are such special friends.  I realized that I didn't have many, if not just a couple, pictures of Charlie.  I realized that it's because we were busy being friends while we were together.  We made ice tea for the Survivors Celebration.  We checked out all the fun things to do while hanging out at Relay.  We put on blinky hats to wear at night (and we looked great!).  We talked about Charlie's dream.  We just enjoyed being friends.

Flat Gordy was everywhere at Relay. Here he's with one of my favorite Relayers.  We've agreed that even if he's from Aloha Football, and I'm from Tigard Football, we're still friends.  And this year Tigard plays Aloha, so he said he hopes we'll still be friends after they beat us. 

And yes, win or lose, he's my friend.  Football is all about the kids, and I like him because he realizes that.

Loving the paper umbrella.  I need one of them.  She set the standard for styling.

My friend Dean works at Intel for me, and a while ago Intel used a cut out picture of Dean to promote volunteerism.  Dean got to keep it, and so now he used it to promote Relay.  I call him 'mini dean', and he made many firends.  Here Mark shares a special moment with mini dean.

'Real' Dean had to make sure mini dean would stand up straight.  Thank goodness mini dean has a friend in need.

Dana and flat Gordy hang out with mini dean. Dana has a knack of making friends everywhere she goes!!

Miss Washington County couldn't resist mini dean's charms.  He's a ladies man as well I gather.

Karissa and mini jacob hung out for a while, but it was a relationship that didn't have a future, so we went on our way.

Jeanie and Viv were walking the track, and can you guess who didn't want their picture taken?  You only get one guess!

We had a challenge for Relayers to raise 212 dollars (2012...get it?), and it was a success!!  This young lady raised 500 dollars by working hard, one of the fundraisers she did was selling pens made out of duct tape.  I have one myself and I really like it.  She's on our team and we're very proud of her!!

Here Jeanie, our fearless leader, holds the celebration of the 212 club.  I'm so happy to be a memeber.

This is one of my favorite pictures I took at Relay.  Look at that smile!  Oh Kathy, what would I do without you as my friend?

Our team is the 'wee bees for a cure', and this little fellow goes with whoever is walking the track for our team.  Here he and I enjoy the lovely sunshine. Yeah for sunshine and a lovely blue sky in Oregon!!

Okay, some young men in dresses....must be time for the Miss Relay competition.  Men (and boys) dress up as women, and then walk the track gathering donations in their purses.  It's a riot.  This young man was having fun hanging with his dad, and enjoying that bright green sucker in his hand.  He got some money from me: he was my second favorite Miss Relay.

My favorite Miss Relay:  Super Girl!  Oh, I mean Dean.  And 'she' won!!!  Go Super Girl, Go!

Here Super Girl proudly poses with other contestents.  Everyone was laughing and admiring the fashion styles.  Intesting.

The wee bees sponsered a moustache lap.  Here I thought I was rocking this stash.  Mark said I looked like Hitler.
Husbands.  They know how to make a girl feel special. 

But once I saw how she looked, I had to admit it.  She shows how to rock a stash big time!

I won this quilt in the silent auction.  I love the old time fabric and the colors.  Not sure what I'll do with a western theme quilt: maybe once I can put together a guest room this will be the focus.

One of my favorite families (minus one: she's off sitting with her friends.  it's a girl thing.  but she's one of my favorites as well).  I told Tim he looked like a daddy penguin, with his son at his feet. Rachel just laughed.  I guess not.

Here flat gordy walks the final lap of Relay with some pretty special people.

He then decided he wanted to walk with me.  I was honored.

I loved how the little girls would walk the track hand in hand.  It's so very sweet.  Charlie had such a fun time hanging with her friends.

Maureen coming to Relay and walking made it even better. 

We all have hope.  Do you?

RFL of Beaverton: we ROCKED it!

One of the first things we do at Relay is take a group photo of our Survivors, and we provide them a copy.

RFL celebrates our Survivors.  Here Victor, Linda, and Dad wait to get their picture took.

Wave 'Hi' everyone!!

Right on!  I love that the back of the shirt says 'I Am Hope'.

Me and Dad.

This young lady is a Survivor, and Miss Washington County.  I was so impressed by her friendly ways, her kindess to others, and her joy in life.  She did the line dancing while eating a snow cone and she rocked it!  I'm proud that we Relay for lovely young ladies like this. 

Dad and Mark.  Hey, do you notice that it looks like the goal posts are coming out of Mark's head?  I didn't notice that until I posted the pic on FB.  Ha!  I'm so funny and I didn't even notice it, LOL.

Our first lap: Survivors start us out.

Go Dad Go!

Why do I Relay?  So that these two brothers can grow up together, and be each other's best men at their weddings.
That's why I Relay.

The man who began Relay, Dr. Gordon Klatt, is now fighting stomach cancer.  Relayers are creating 'Flat Gordys' and having them Relay with them.  Here Dana hangs out with Flat Gordy and 'Mini Linda'.  Dana knows how to live.

Thanks Dr. Klatt for showing us a way to raise money to end cancer, and provide support to those fighting cancer.
We will win!  We will show cancer who's boss!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pool Party

With grown kids I forget how fun the simple things can be.  I went to my friend Rachel's to work on Relay stuff, and after we were done she and her neighbor were going to set up a pool for the kids (and were those kids excited!).  Rachel asked Dean if he would stay and help, and if I'd like to as well, and so a fun afternoon began.

The kids were so excited, and yet they were really good about waiting.

Even this little one was a good sport. 

Figuring out what the heck goes where....

Looks like we have an idea of what's what.

It was a warm day, and the water felt good.  Yes, I did help, and I worked with Rachel to ensure the floor of the pool stayed in place.

Coming along.

"Hey!  Is it coming along?"

"Yeah!  It is coming along!!"

Everyone is excited, and ready to swim!!!

Dean puts the final touch on the pump.

Everyone in the pool!!!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

Deacon needs your help!

I"m busy getting ready for Relay Of Life of Beaverton, and I'm not at my goal of raising a thousand dollars.  WELL, Deacon decided to help me out.  He rummaged through my things, found my Thousand Dollar Club shirt from last year, put it on (took a bit of effort on his part), and then he asked me to take a picture.  He suggested that I put a picture of this on my FB page, as my profile picture, until I raise my thousand dollars.  What a nice gesture!

Is he cute or what?

Yawn!!!  He did get a little bored.
Below is a link to our Relay site.  Hopefully you can help Deacon help me raise my money!
(I did promise him some PB ice cream once I raise the money)