Saturday, June 6, 2009

Too darn good.

Months ago I was reading one of my favorite cupcake blogs, and one of the gals had come up with a recipe for cream cheese frosted red velvet cupcakes dipped in chocolate. YES. You heard right. Dipped in chocolate. They looked amazing, I printed the recipe, and I put it in my recipe file, knowing that one day I would give them a go. Time passed.

A couple of months later I decided I was looking at cupcake blogs too much, getting off the discipline of WW, so I deleted most of my cupcake blogs from my favorites, and added some WW blogs to my favorites. During that time period I not only lost the recipe for the lovely cupcakes dipped in chocolate, I couldn't remember the blog I found them on! Oh no! I was 'rather' upset since I'd told two of the girls at the RMH that I would make those lovely, wonderful, decadent cupcakes before they left, and they were packing up to go home this last Thursday (after staying at the house for just over a year-wow).

What the heck was I gonna do??? I'd searched and searched for the recipe, but no go.

THEN, last Monday, I gave it one last go since I knew the girls were leaving, and I found it. YES. I quickly added the blog back to my favorites, and printed off a few copies. They're called 'Red Velvet Highhats' in her blog, but I took my own path.

I baked up a regular batch of chocolate cupcakes, swirled some cream cheese frosting on them, froze them for about an hour (to ensure the frosting would stay on the cupcake when dipped), and then dipped the tops of the cupcakes in chocolate. Oh yes, they were amazing. Folks really enjoyed them, the girls were happy, and so I was happy.

The gal's cupcakes had really high frosting on them, but I didn't want too much frosting on the cupcakes. The one above is one of the 'lower' frosting cupcakes I did. I tried a bit of everything and they were all good.

Mark ended up eating the one showing above, he really liked it, and was wondering if there were anymore. Nope, I'd taken the rest to the RMH because I knew that I would eat them all up. I will never be the person who can keep CAKE and such around. Just the way it is. I can keep Oreos and such around, no sweat. Doesn't tempt me. But as for CAKE and cupcakes: ain't gonna happen no more.

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