Sunday, September 26, 2010

Kayaks in Portland

Saturday morning Cari, Mark and I went kayaking. We couldn't believe the wonderful weather we woke up to. Perfect for what we had in store.

We got on our life jackets.

Our instructors showed us the ropes.

Cari is ready to shove off.

Mark will be ready to shove off shortly....

Hey, ONE of us is not working here.....hmmm.....

If HE'S not gonna paddle, looks like I'll goof off now.


If you can read the words on the paddle, you're holding it correctly.

Different view of the bridges than I'm used to.

Back on land.

When we got there a group tipped over the outrigger they were on. We found out that they were learning how to right themselves after doing so. It was planned. Geez.

Afterwards we went to a Cuban restaurant that Cari had taken me to, but Mark had never been. The food is so good there. These pastries were the best. Cari had to restrain me from eating them all! Sorry Cari.....

Their ice tea is so refreshing, and the banana sauce really compliments the food.

Loving the small tables out front.

Thank goodness Mark wasn't sad he couldn't go into Lucky's across the street......

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Z00 happenings

My group at work had an off site event, and we chose to go to the zoo. It was a bit chilly when we got there, but the day eventually warmed up, and through it all we had a great time.

We met new 'people'.

We saw Packy, the main guy elephant.

A display that showed how snakes check things out. Pretty cool.


We're on our way to explore more of the zoo.

More exploring.


Lazy monkeys.

Do NOT ask Nicole about the monkey in the right corner.....nuff said.....

Love the sign, but the smell in the building was more than I could stand!


Bad dinosaur! Leave Bambi alone!

Kathy saw a bear. Finally!

Heck, she even saw some fake bears.......a fun time was had by all! What will we do next??