Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Helicopter Boy

I was trying to upload some new pictures, and they were all blurry. I need to practice more with the camera and get myself some skills. Darn it. So while I was looking through my pictures I came across this one of Steven trying out the helicopter I bought him for Christmas. This is a cartoon version of the picture and I think it came out great. I have a copy framed in my kitchen: always cracks me up. So since none of my new pictures were "worthy", I thought I'd share an old (well, not that old) one.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Tigard Bowl

Tonight was the Tigard Bowl. Each of the teams (Freshman, JV, and Varsity) basically scrimmage for 30 minutes each. The band shows up (providing lots of spirit: gotta love the band at a football game!) and the boosters serve a dinner as a fund raiser. It's always a lot of fun and helps get the boys excited for the upcoming season. Heck, Mark enjoys it: that's him up above with his hands on his hips. It helps get HIM excited for the season!

The freshman looked really good, and this should be a great year. Go Tigard!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Nice side burns

Mark has been using an easel that Jennifer loaned me for Relay, outlining plays for football (and he wanted to give it back....LOL....Jason, your easel is safe here and you don't have to worry...LOL!!!). Needless to say, with a house full of teenagers around, the guys have been "helping" Mark out.

First they added some text to the top of the board, and then noticed his name tag from his high school reunion a few years ago....they all got a kick out of it! Next thing we know we find it attached to the easel, with some trash talk. Guess the side burns really got to them. I heard quite a bit of laughter whenever any of the kids picked it up to take a look. Can't wait until their kids are teenagers and hear what they have to say about these guys!

Go Tigard!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Pretty smelling cat.

Mark and I came home the other day and Doug had the cat outside. Much to our surprise he informed us that he and Brianna had bathed the dog AND cat! Oh my, those were two very pretty smelling animals, all nicely scented with Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner. Deacon seemed okay with it all (he always loves attention, even if it involves bathing), BUT Lire was not all that impressed. She kept cleaning herself over and over again, and keeping an eye out for Doug at every turn. In fact for the next couple of days she hung out in Steven's room with the turtles, rather than catching a nap in Doug's room as she normally does. She's now finally calming down, napping "in public", and not running at the mere sight of Doug. Progress my friends. Progress.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Petey Penguin

This is Petey Penguin, and as you know he HATES cancer! I designed the shirts for my team at last year's Relay (Dances With Penguins) and my lil 'angry' penguin on the shirt was Petey. Well folks, here he is. He's not always angry. He can be charming when he so chooses.

I found a small leather football that sticks to his hand, or wing, or paw...oh, whatever. Heck, he's holding a football. I love penguins and I love football. Now if I can find a small cupcake for him to hold, all will be well.

One happy dog.

Doug and Brianna, our next door neighbor, took Deacon outside with them. They threw the ball for him, paid a lot of attention to him, AND he got to go for a walk! Man, that was ONE HAPPY DOG! But as you can see, it wore him out.

He's not the only one.....

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Mary and a new friend.

I volunteered for a Kid's Bike Safety Fair at work, and I ended up being McGruff's escort. It was fun! The young man who was McGruff was new to Intel and I think it was a great way to begin his experience there. Lots of kids, police, fireman, and good stuff going on. Many kids left with a new, safe bike helmet. Hopefully they also learned something as well. After what happened to Steve (one of our guys from work had a horrible bike accident and is going to take a long time to recover. thank goodness he was wearing a helmet!) I think this is even more important.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Beaverton Relay For Life

Kathy and I went to the Beaverton Relay this morning to help clean up (always a good thing to help out others who are tired after working hard all night raising money to help fight cancer!). We were there for their closing ceremony and it was exciting to be there when they announced that they met their goal! WONDERFUL!!! Everyone was so nice and I have the feeling that their Relay is just going to grow and grow with such amazing folks giving their time and effort.

Where was this woman for me on the Sunday morning of OUR Relay? I could so have used a ride like this. Of course, I'm not adorable like this young man. Don't think she would have done this for me. Oh well.

Here he is again: what did I say? Is he not adorable? We were walking by earlier and when we stopped to take his picture he began posing and was quite the character.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Sherwood Relay For Life

Mark and I went to the Sherwood Relay For Life to check it out. I saw a couple of kids with antlers on...wasn't sure what that was about until I saw this GREAT Christmas display! I loved it! This is a wonderful picture opportunity for all teams. I want to think up something similar for our Relay next year. As we say at work: steal with pride. Steal an idea, but be sure to give the credit to the person who thought it up. I don't know who did this, but great idea.

Who you gonna call?

This is from a Pirate's Theme. We also saw some Pink Ladies (all the gals wearing pink t-shirts, with their hair in ponytails, just like the fifties), the Incredibles (high school kids...hilarious!), and there was a "Happy Feet" display. The picture didn't turn out real well, but I was glad to see penguins involved. Always a good thing when a penguin is involved with Relay.

Mini Beer

Bought myself a couple of tasting glasses at Pyramid Brewery in Seattle. Great for when Mark and I wanna share a beer. They are so cute! Beer glasses cute: now I've really gone over the edge.....

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Daddy's little girl.

Don't ask.

Here's Cari and her daddy at Relay last year. They're both rather adorable.

Cari got Mark a Rosemary plant for his birthday. What a great idea! Mark planted it and the next time we bar-b-qued he used some of it in the sauce. She has a knack for knowing what to give someone.

We all know who runs this place...

All Lire needs is a quiet place to take a nap!

Deacon is just happy to be outside. Now if someone would just throw the ball for him, this would be Heaven on earth.