Saturday, June 29, 2013

Coastal fun!

Mark and I went to the coast today, and our first stop was the Tillamook Relay For Life.
Look who I ran into.
When I was a kid Smokey the Bear was one of my favorites.
I was so glad to get my picture taken with him.

We then went into Tillamook, checked out the farmers market, and saw a windmill.
We then went to the blimp hanger to check out some airplanes.
This picture of a man and his kilt reminds me of a joke:
When asked what he was wearing under his kilt, a man responded,
'Good girls don't ask.
Bad girls don't have to'

Liked the view of the hanger from here.
                                                    Look how big this place is!!

Gotta try it all out.


So interesting.  A good time was had.

Why we Relay

Why we Relay.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Super Dad

Our theme this year for Relay was super heroes. 
'Saving the World, One cure at a Time'
My hero is my dad.  So I took a picture, copied it onto fabric, and put it on my super hero cape.

I love how my cape turned out.
Me and Dad.
I love you Dad.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Relay 2013 is in the book

Another Relay is come and gone. 
Friends, like Hai, came and took part.
Love the fact his team carried a Winterhawks stick for their baton as they walked.
I've been friends with Hai since 1987:he's the best.

Mark was busy all day, driving a cart and hauling stuff and people.

Rhonda and Olivia kept us going with lots and lots of coffee, and hot water for hot chocolate and tea.

Superman and Batman approved of our event.

This was one of my favorite Luminaria.

This is the back.  So creative.
Not sure what he meant, but we still loved it.

One of my favorite teams. 
This Mom was diagnosed with cancer while pregnant, advised to abort the baby, she wouldn't, her doctor 'divorced' her, and thank goodness she stood her ground.  Look at this lovey 'miracle' baby, as her Mother calls her.  They are a loving team.

Super Heroes unite!

Here I am on stage, ready to start the opening ceremony.
Survivors: they're why we Relay.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

The play's the thing

Last Saturday we went to a house warming party.
The husband is an Oregon State Fan.  His Aunt is a Duck fan.
SO the Aunt gave him a crock pot with a beaver in funny!

The house warming was in Forest Grove, and it so happened I was meeting some friends afterwards to go to a play.  How lucky was I that the party and the play were just minutes away.
Here I am in downtown FG, on my way to meet the gals for drinks.

We saw the play 'The Dixie Swim Club' and it was very funny and touching.
I have some of the best friends ever!!!!

Monday, June 17, 2013


I've been working on my Luminaria for this weekend's Relay
This is for my friend Phil: he was one of the nicest men I ever met.

Sid was one of the 'Moms' of the neighborhood when Mark was growing up,
and they remained good friends with Mark's parents.
She left a lot of good memories.

My Dad is my hero.
He lives life to the fullest.  He's such a kick and I love him!

For my Mom.  I miss her more than I can say.

For my Mother-in-Law: she has a kind spirit and loving ways.
I can't imagine anyone not liking her!
I'm so glad she's my family.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Dad's Day!

Looking through some pictures.  I remember this night: we tried and tried to take some family pictures, but we didn't have much luck.....but the resulting pictures were funny!
Look at Dad's expression: what a cute Dad I have!

Mark and Steven: this was Steven's first day at the ocean. 
I think it was a hit!

Mark and Cari check out Disneyland.

Mark and some 'monsters'/

A family trip to the ocean: we're posing at Depot Bay.

I LOVE this picture of Mark and Cari at Rachel and David's wedding.
So sweet.

Mark and they boys: I think Mark enjoys being Dad. 
Our kids make that easy.

Mark and Dad: always so wonderful when we get to hang out.
We have such great Dads in our family.
Happy Dad's Day to one and all!!!

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Relay Rocks

Mark and I has to wait around in Hillsboro, waiting to go to our last Relay meeting before Relay.
We stopped and got some pizza: I checked out some of the funnies posted on the wall.
This was my favorite!

We got there and Stacey, Angie, and Nikki were ready to go!

Mark caught up with Pat on logistics.


The room was packed: we ran out of chairs!!

How do you like our orange shirts?  So stylish!

Here are the t-shirts, ready to go.
It was a great meeting, and I think everyone is excited to get our Relay on!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Show on the beach.

One night Mark and I were walking back to the hotel and we came across folks finding seats on the grass to watch a show.  Exciting!  We found a seat at the front.

One of the hotels puts these shows on.  It was wonderful!!!

All of the dancers were so good, it was a perfect evening, and loved sharing the evening with all these people.  How lucky we were to come across this at the right time.

This young lady was such a great dancer. 

Thank you Hyatt Regency for putting on this show for us.  For free.
You gave us a lovely memory.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hanging out with Gramy Jo in Hawaii: fun times!

Tuesday morning we met with Mom, Dad, Randy, and Mary Jo at Hard Rock Café.

Mark and Randy check out the jeep out front.

They poised like this on our cruise many years ago...
had to recreate it.

Back at their hotel, we check out the view from their room.


Sitting on the deck, enjoying the sun.


Mark checks out what is to be seen in the telescope.

Matt and Sandra had flowers sent to Mom for Mom's Day.
How sweet was this?  They were so beautiful!!!!

Mark and Mom wait for dinner.

Randy, Dad, and Mark wait for dinner.

Mary Jo, Mom, and I wait for dinner.

Love hanging out with family.  We're so blessed.