Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Yesterday morning I took off for Portland to turn in the sign in sheets from the Comcast Cares Day.
While waiting for MAX to arrive two young women were waiting for the train going in the other direction. They had two small girls with them, around 3 and 4 years old I would guess. The younger girl would go past the safety barrier and (I'm guessing she was the Mom) would finally notice and yell at her to get back because she was going to "get them in trouble".  Really? You couldn't watch her more carefully and then explain to her how unsafe it was, rather than it was just going to get them into trouble?
Why was the little girl able to do this? Because both of the young women were texting. Gads.
Another woman and myself were watching very closely, and one of the women noticed this. She took the children away from the tracks, and then continued to text. 
I then noticed the side of the bus next to me. 'Don't let LOL become DOA'. How true these words fit with the situation.

Mark turns 60 this year, so it's time for a party.
I noticed that one of the MAX trains was advertising the Punch Bowl Social Club.
That's where we're looking at having the party. Should be fun!!!

Now for some bits and pieces of Portand

                                                 Later in the day I went shopping.
        This table has a roll of paper for kids to draw on. Would have been perfect for Cari!

Having my morning coffee today in some lovely sunshine.
Have a great day my dears!!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Comcast Cares Day 2014

Saturday Mark and I volunteered at the Oregon Food Bank for
Comcast Cares Day. I was the project leader for Hands On.

Mark was proud to get his official t-shirt.
That's my boy!

Bill was our project leader for the Food Bank.
He was great. We were the second shift and he informed us that only half the volunteers for the first shift had shown up. Thank goodness we had quite a few show up: in fact more than they'd planned!
Bill was more than ready to put us to work.

Our first gig was to bag up apples that had been donated.
The apples were in pretty darn good shape: I'm so glad they were going to folks who would really appreciate them. What a great donation someone made.

Our group finished up the apples and went on to bagging up macaroni.

Mark's job was putting together boxes.
Here a young man helps stack the boxes that Mark made and I helped fill.

At the end of our volunteer time Bill shared the results of our hard work.
The Food Bank does so much good for others in need.

Afterwards we took ourselves to the Lucky Labrador for a beer and a sandwich.

We decided to not go to the 'gentlemen's club' across the street.

The funny part about all this?
At the center next door (it used to be a church) there was a Comcast Cares event going on.
We could have just gone next door to volunteer....
Oh well, we really enjoyed volunteering at the Food Bank, so it's all good. 
My job now? I tag all the pictures for Hands On Greater Portland in their Flickr account, so I will busy the next couple of weeks tagging the hundreds of pictures that will hopefully be posted to their Flickr account from this day. I can't wait to see all the good that was done!!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Art happens!

Mark and I went to a volunteer party for RMH volunteers.
It was at Oaks Park. A bit dreary at this time of year, 
and I sure wouldn't ride any of the rides. 

I couldn't resist.....

When we got there they had drinks, food, and painting.
What a great idea!

Beer and painting.
An idea whose time has come.

My beer kept a close eye on my progress.


Ghost bird.

Ghost bird and some flowers.

Mark had so much fun hanging out with the gals at our table.
They volunteer at the other RMH, so I didn't know them.
It was fun getting to know them. They were a riot!

My bird was a bit more solid than I planned.
I would actually like to give it another go.
I think I will try this at home. Fun!

I walked around the room and checked out the artwork.
It was great seeing all the different takes. Loved it!

Yes Cari: Dad had to put a squirrel on his picture.

I loved the atmosphere of the room.
It was a great place to have the party.

Isn't this a great seat?

Mark looks grumpy, but he wasn't. Trust me.

Painting was fun. Can't wait to do it again!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Go Hawks!!!

My friend Deb took me to a Winterhawks game.
She has season tickets and her sister couldn't go, so I got to tag along!
Great seats. Really great seats, right behind the bench.

Whoever was in this mascot suit earned his keep.
He was BUSY!!!

I liked the shot of the two players talking.

The Hawks were playing a bit 'off' last night.
With around 3 minutes left in the game the other team scored,
leaving the score 3 - 1, with the Hawks down.
In face, the couple next to us left at that point.
We continued to hope.
Well, the Hawks scored twice in the remaining minutes: OT!
And we WON!
Here a little guy waits to have his picture taken with the 3 top players of the game.
One of the players didn't realize they were going to call him, they had to find him, and when he came out he'd already taken off his jersey. I think he was exhausted and was ready to go, LOL!
Pouliot is the player whose broken hockey stick another friend gave me.
So you so know I was going to take his picture.
It was a fun (thought scary) game, and I enjoyed hanging with Deb.