Sunday, November 15, 2009

Relay Summit 2009

Yesterday I went to the Relay Summit. Relayers from all over the area attended: over 400! It was so great to see many friends from other Relays, and get the chance to learn how to make Relay bigger and better.

Relayers are crazy! Did you know that?? I did. I'm one and I'm crazy.

This is Dana, one of my ACS folks. She spoke about her experience with cancer, and on being a Survivor. Great job Dana.

The gal on the left is Karla, my other ACS gal. They're both so nice to work with.

ACS. Nuff said.

Kathy took lots and lots of pictures (she has this picture on her facebook page, with me taking HER picture!).

One group is creating a chain, with each link containing the name of a Survivor. The chain is so very, very long. That makes me so very, very happy!

The folks from the Beaverton Relay sang a song for the crowd: 'The Twelve Days of Relay'. It was a hit! Good job Beaverton!!!!

There was a giant Birthday cake, and paper candles for Relayers to write a wish on and attatch to the cake. My wish? For my Dad to be happy.

The crowd gathers to learn how to make Relay bigger and better.

Our goal? To give everyone the chance to have many, many birthdays.

Not much to add here. Hope is what it's all about.