Sunday, May 17, 2009

Football and dinner

Yesterday Mark went to an all day meeting for Tigard HS Football (Go Tigard!), and at the end of the day all the families of the coaches came to Jenkins Estate and had dinner. There were three young boys there, VERY busy, having a good time running and playing and eating apples. And moms and dads chasing them while they did it.

I'm too lazy. I loved doing that when I was doing it: not no more. Keeping track of Doug is about all I can handle at this point.

Jenkins Estate is a beautiful older home turned into a conference center, and the grounds are lovely and green and peaceful and just plain amazing. Intel used to have a lot of functions there (the site I worked at before is right down the street) and I've always loved it here.

My friend Carol and I decided that we should become caretakers for the estate. Then we could sit on the big ole porch every nice evening and just enjoy the view.

Mark liked the view, but he was tired after being in meetings since 8 that morning.

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