Monday, October 27, 2008

What the heck?

I've been going through my pictures, finding some 'oldies but goodies'. I like this picture of Mark and Cari. They've changed a bit, eh?

Hey, wait a minute. What the heck?


Oh my gosh, it keeps getting worse!

Man, I gotta go. There's a big ole blue cat sitting in my living room, watching 'Rocket Man'. Gotta go.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Witches, ghosts, kittens, and cookies.

Ah, Halloween is in the air. I love this holiday, I love the colors of fall, and I LOVE days like today that are sunny, warm, and chock full of autumn colors. Amazing. I enjoy putting out my Halloween things. In fact, I need more and more! I love the witch up above: I bought it at the little store we used to have at work. The gal used to stock some wonderful holiday items and I miss the deals we could get. Oh well, at least I still have all the fall colors. That's what counts.

Mary Jo painted this for me many years ago. This is Doug when he was small, and Deacon (not much change there), and Penny (she's no longer with us, and I love this picture even more because it reminds me of her, of when she was our kitty, and how much we loved her). This picture means Halloween to me. It's one of the items that I would save if my house were burning and I could only save a few items. This is one of them.

I didn't feel well this week (my stomach issues came back with a vengeance), and so I didn't do any baking at the RM House. So I called Lindsay and asked if I could take some baked goods over on Sunday and she said yes. So last night I baked up a storm, loving every minute of it. Baking brownies and watching college football. It don't get much better than that.

I baked up some brownie bites, big and small cupcakes, and some sugar cookies. Halloween Style.

Mark and I drove over to the house, made the delivery, and stopped at Cari's on the way home (her house is on the way home from there...easy stop!). Look who was greeting us at the front porch.

Along with this fine fellow. The roomies had a pumpkin carving party last night and there were several pumpkins sitting around, all set for Halloween to arrive.

I guess the kittens had a great time at the party as well, loving all the attention. Cari wanted me to bring my banjo over for her, but it sure looks like the kittens think it belongs to them.

Mark loves kittens. And they love him.

Banjos and kittens. Now who would have thought you'd put those two words together?

Reading Mary Jo's blog, it reminded me of a picture from many years ago. While looking for it I came across this one. This is from the day we brought Doug home from the hospital. Cari was fine with it all, but on the way out of the hospital Steven finally figured out that 'thing' was coming home with us and he WOULD NOT GET IN HIS CAR SEAT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!! Let's just say it wasn't pretty. The funny thing is they actually got along very well until the teenage years came about. And they're just now starting to get along again. Fingers crossed.

This is the picture refered to earlier. Mary Jo and some friends of ours went to this nursery this month to get some pumpkins. As you can tell from how small the kids are, we went there many years ago and this in one of my favorite pictures in the world. It's good of all them, and I love all of them more than I can tell you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkins are our friends.

Saturday Mark, Cari, and I met with my friends Jennifer and Kseniya and their kids and took ourselves on over to the pumpkin patch. And the funny thing is, Jennifer picked the same patch Mark and I went to last week. Wow, it's our new place. Above are Jennifer's kids. No, you are not seeing batman everywhere. Well, you kinda are, but not really.

Luke did NOT want to wear his correctly. He wanted to do it his way. And this is his way. Works for me. He's cute enough to do it any way he wants to.

Kseniya's kids. Wow, another batman. Maybe you ARE seeing batman everywhere..........

This week we did get on the wagon going to the pumpkin patch (see last blog) and it was fun!

We get down to the pumpkin patch and it was pumpkin heaven! The pumpkins were everywhere and I have to say every pumpkin I saw was in good shape and a nice selection. Like I said, pumpkin heaven. Read my lips.

Kseniya couldn't wait to take pictures of the pumpkin heaven.

Can you blame her, being the mom of a kid with a smile like this? Wouldn't you be taking pictures all the time? Gabe is worth lots and lots of pictures, trust me.

And while Gabe has his back turned, Caleb finds a pumpkin worthy of pumpkin heaven. And Caleb is one of my FAVORITE people in the world. Another young man picture worthy at any time.

Batman. Again. Even in pumpkin heaven.

Mark is having lots of fun in pumpkin heaven. Overwhelmed in pumpkin heaven.

Mary and Luke are happy, running to greet pumpkin heaven.

Cari liked the apples in pumpkin heaven. But she was sad there wasn't any cider in pumpkin heaven.
When we took Cari home Mark had to play with kittens. Three kittens. It doesn't get much better than that. Mark was in 'kitten heaven'.

And then that night I baby sat my friend's baby, little Ellie. She was adorable, and good, and we had lots of fun. I was in 'baby heaven'.

I tried to take a picture of my 'baby', but no go. They're like that at this age. Sigh. Ah, living in 'teenager heaven' has it's ups and downs. Sigh.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunny day in October-excellent!

Today Mark and I decided to go out and visit some pumpkin patches. It was so darn nice out today, and we wanted to enjoy it while it's here.

So we drove on out and found ourselves a pumpkin patch. And the funny thing is that we ran into three different groups of folks we know! Seems like we weren't the only ones that decided the weather was perfect for pumpkin looking.

It was beautiful out there. The colors in the pictures doesn't do the day any justice.

Folks were taking the hay ride out to the pumpkins. The line was too long, so I settled for a picture of the hayride.

On our way out Mark checked out some pumpkin bowling.

And I wanted to see if I'd grown this year. Hmmmm.....

We took off, drove down the road, and found another pumpkin patch nearby. This one had lots of metal animals, most of them chickens! Mom and Mary Jo would love these. They were amazing.

The problem is Mark now thinks of himself as a 'chicken whisperer'.

I TOLD you there were pumpkins.

And singing frogs.

And Tweety Birds. Mom, these are for you.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Rainy days and football: a perfect mix!

Thursday night found Mark and I driving on over to Tigard High for a football game. In service day for Tigard on Friday, so the game was on Thursday. Weather was a 'bit' wet and wild.

We got there, and Mark took off to meet the coaches and I walked on down to Cooks Park for a tailgate party. Man, did it RAIN and all kinds of fun stuff. AND I was carrying some cookies with me. But I have to admit it wasn't very cold, and I rather enjoyed the walk. I came back in time to catch the boys warming up.

Look at the weather. Football weather my friends. Oh yes.

We weren't sure if we were going to end up with a very wet game (I didn't really care since I was going to be taping in the booth, all nice and dry during the game). Mark dreads wet games since he does the stats. Poor baby.

Tigard was playing Newberg. And Newberg played tough! They basically ruled the third quarter, but as you can see our guys came out ready to play, took things in hand, and won the game. But boy oh boy, Newberg played well.

The Tigard Tiger was out greeting the folks. Yes, he's a bit blurry, but he is a big ole Tiger folks, a big ole Tiger that's talking to a bunch of teenagers. What did you expect?

And the band was out in force, with the band from Fowler Middle School playing along for part of it. That rocked! I love when the band plays at the game, and I love the spirit they bring to the game. It's not the same without them there. Go Band!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Baking frenzy

Today was my day to bake at the Ronald McDonald House. I asked if I could take some pictures of the beautiful murals in the dining area and they said yes. It's a wonderful environment for families at a rough time in their lives. There's even a train up above that runs on command.

One of the walls is magnetic and families post pictures on the wall.

Look familiar?

Waiting for the train.

How could you resist this face?

I baked lots of cupcakes and brownies. I made sure there was lots of Halloween colors. Boo!

The count, and the staff, LOVED the black and white cookies. Heck, come to think of it I love them too. THAT's why I take them there, rather than leave them here. I don't know when to stop eating them. Sigh.

And Kathy, this picture is for you. Nemo rocks!