Monday, May 11, 2009

Mommy Day, 2009

All I wanted for Mother's Day this year was for all of us to go out for breakfast. A place of my choice. I got my wish: wonderful!

Steven was wishing I had wished for dinner: much later in the day, and easier to be awake for.

It's hard to be a good son this early in the morning.

And look at Cari. My children are NOT early risers!

But they waited, and talked, and were such good sports about it all, that it was a wonderful Mom's Day present. Having everyone together, including Tom, and having breakfast together. I love going out for breakfast. Almost as much as I love CAKE.

So glad Tom was here.

And of course I was glad Mark was there.

Not too bad a picture. I'm trying really, really hard to not have my eyes shut. I'm so bad about that, and we're looking into the sun.

I like this one better of me, but Mark is rather 'off'.

It was a nice morning, so it was actually nice to just have everyone hanging out, talking, catching up. Cari had some great stories about an ad shoot she went on for work at Mt. Hood.

The J&M Cafe is a great place to eat. I love the fact that you get your own coffee mug and get your own coffee. You never have to wait, and their coffee is very good to boot. Happy Mom's Day to me!

Once we got our table it was time to decide.

Steven and Doug both decided on biscuits and gravy. Oh yes, good choice!

Mark decided to get his wife coffee first thing. That's why I adore him so much!

Later that day Mark and I were driving home from the store and Mark noticed a duck hanging out. I had to take a picture. Cool duck.

I baked up some Mom's Day cupcakes Saturday night and took them to the house on Sunday. There was a local car club cooking up a lunch for the folks staying at the house. And they brought roses for the moms.

How sweet was that? They were beautiful.

I found some festive 'mom' cupcake decorations.

And pretty flower rings. How colorful is this?

I hope my mom and mother-in-law had a wonderful mom's day. I know how very lucky I am that I have them both in my life. I love them so much.

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Mary Jo said...

It looks like you have the nicest family...wink, wink.