Monday, October 29, 2012

Mark! What if your Mom hears you??

I was looking at pictures from our Amsterdam trip, came across this video, and it make me laugh at the end.  Love this park!!  And I caught Mark using some 'bad' language.  Sorry Mom!!  I've tried to work on this with him......

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Monday on it's way....

The weekend raced on by.  On Saturday I worked on my craft area. 
Gave myself a lot more room to work.

I love the view outside my window. 

Sunday Mark and I went to lunch, then we went to a new train musuem in Portland, over by OMSI.

It's small, but the trains they do have there are amazing!
And they don't charge admission: they have a donation box you can drop some money into.  They're pretty much at the start up stage.

Mark was loving, loving, loving it.
His Grandmother used to take him to see the trains,
and he likes when he thinks about thse times.

Big ole honking wheels!

I think this train was my favorite.

After the musuem we went to Lippmans, a party place. 
They were decked out for Halloween.
Jen, this is for you......

We found a 'chicken dance' hat for next Octoberfest.
No, I didn't buy it.  But I should have.

Mark leaned towards the shiney look.

Oh Portland, we love you even when you're dreary.

Haunted Aloha

My part in the Haunted Forrest at the Halloween party was to show a video
and then send the folks on their way through the forrest.
I thought this part was pretty cool!
The folks that put this together did a great job.

Ghost! Beware!!!

A ghost appeared in the courtyard at work.
Funny thing?  One of the 'goblins' who set all this up was laughing at the fact that with all the rain the ghost was getting heavy and wasn't clearing the bushes any longer.  I guess ghosts should avoid the rain!!!

Boo! From Intel.

I helped out last night at the Halloween party for Intel at the Aloha campus.  Here we are preparing for all the kids and grown up kids to arrive.

They had a Haunted Forrest out in the courtyard. 
Here a little girl swings and swings.

It wouldn't be a Halloween party without a coffin full of popcorn.

My job was to be outside at the Hunted Forrest, show a video, and then send those willing to risk the Haunted Forrest on their way.
I like the way you were to say 'Skittles' if you (or your child, LOL) were afraid.
And yes, Skittles was yelled a couple of times.


More scary.

I was styling it.  Loving my hat,
and way cool red converse.

Enter at your own risk!

Peaceful scarecrow: who would have thought?

Group shot of the folks that were out in the Haunted Forrest.
They did a GREAT job!

No Badge.  No go. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

October in the Pacific Northwest

This last weekend the weather began getting a bit chilly. 
Mark and the cat cuddled on the couch.
She was loving it.  She is more Mark's cat than mine. 
He is her favorite.
Dumb ole cat.

And watched thenselves some football.
I like football.
Why can't I be the favorite?
Dumb ole cat.

Started out a rather dreary day.....

But the fall colors are coming into their own.

This little fellow 'grows to a different drummer'

Our American and Netherland flags fly proud.

And the day actually ended rather nicely.  I love the Pacific Northwest!!!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Father and daughter.

Yeah!  Mark was able to send me this picture from my old phone.
This is a picture I took the day Cari left for Amsterdam.
Two of my favorite people in the world.
We miss her, but are so happy she's out in the world finding her own unique way.

New battles

My friends Sid and Jean are back in the fight against cancer.
One of our boys from football, Jon, is back fighting cancer, so soon after his last battle, right back into the hospital: he's so young and he shouldn't have to be dealing with this.
And his Mom and Dad and older brother shouldn't have to worry about him.  He's a kind and thoughtful young man and this makes me so mad.
I'm sending positive thoughts to all these wonderful people and their family and friends, and much love and support.

We WILL say yes to cancer:
we will say "Yes cancer, we will END you!"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

How DO you clean someone after the Color Run?

Why, a leaf blower does the trick!

Color Run: who knew you could have so much fun while people throw stuff on you???

Here is all my goods, getting ready to take part in the first Color Run in Portland.

I wore my hat, and I covered it with the names of those who I know whose life has been touched by cancer. 

I'm ready to go!  I'd ironed on a design to paint, leaving it unpainted.
My friend Karie had created several shirts, set up as 'color by number', but I wanted a shirt with a cowboy scene, to match my hat.
I'm fashionable that way.

It was so fun to have Mark hang out with me while we waited for the run to start.

There were thousands of people taking part.
It was amazing!

I'm in the next group to start: they started us in waves.

As you walked, or ran, through the track volunteers would throw powdered paint on you.  It was pretty amazing, and I think I got my color on.
SO much fun was had.  I want to do this in Seattle next year and get my family in on the fun.  We could do a Vander Yacht Brigade!!

Happy Halloween! Okay, kinda early........

Mark, Steven, Kara and I went out to a Halloween Fantasy Trail in Oregon City.  I'd read about it years ago, kept meaning to go, and we finally made it.
It was wonderful!!!

Steven had so much fun hamming it up.  He's so much fun to hang out with.
Yes, I'm his Mom, but he is.  Fun.  Really.

Mark thinks Steven is fun to hang out as well.  See?

Kara was a bit jealous when she saw Steven holding hands with...well, I'm not sure who or what this is!

She forgave him and all is well.
Okay, she wasn't jealous. 
I'm so funny.

Locked up.  Oh Fantasy Trail, you have so many twists and turns.

Mark talked to the gentleman who created all of this.  They have alot of property, and when they first moved there 35 years or so ago he was trying to figure out what to do with all the rocks on his land.  His son, who was five, wanted a play house so he built the first one.  And then another.  And another.  It's a fun, windy trail, and I think any child would love to have a wonderful place like this to play. And they share the trail with the public at Halloween and Christmas.
We can't wait to go back at Christmas!!!

Mark and Lire loving life.

Lire LOVES to cuddle with Mark.  She will chose him over me almost everytime.
Here they're enjoying watching some football together.
Darn cat: she's suppose to like ME better!