Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Cari

Today is Cari's birthday. a time to celebrate the day I joined the ranks of motherhood.

I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures. I love the picture above: the dress Cari is wearing belonged to my friend Capi's mom, and Capi thought of Cari while going through her mother's clothes. And she was right. The dress is classy and fits her personality. I have the feeling that Capi's mom is a pretty special lady.

Cari and Rachel during the holidays, checking out the sights and sounds of Seattle. These two have had a special relationship for years and it always makes me happy to see them together.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that Cari enjoys cooking our holiday dinners. She does such a nice job, and I like it even more when she hangs out with her brothers while doing so. I like seeing my kids hang out.

I love Cari hanging out with her dad at Relay. This is a great picture.

We always do a group shot during the holidays, with one of them being a silly one. Guess we all know which kind this one is....

Cari and Gus. I love this picture.

Cari and daddy at Christmas.

Checking out the chickens at the pumpkin patch. We've always loved going there in October and I think we always will.

Ending shot: doughnut at the pumpkin patch. You HAVE to have one of those when you go.

Happy Birthday Cari. You bring spirit, excitement, creativity, joy, laughter, and a whole heck of a love of zaniness into our lives. And we love it.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Spinning and car phones

Yesterday was one busy day. I first called my sister Linda to talk about mom and making sure we're on the same page with how to best be there for mom and dad. It was good talking to her and I'll probably call again today. Good thoughts mom coming your way!

I drove on over to Beaverton to go the their Relay's big ole yard sale. It was in a parking lot, great location, and great weather. Kathy and her crew were excited and I bought a necklace (yes, Mary Jo and Mom, I bought a necklace...it's so pretty I can't wait to show you!) and I can't wait to hear how well they did.

I then drove to the Ronald McDonald House to pick up tickets for last nights concert. Whew!

Jennifer and crew came over around 11. We ate lunch and then we took ourselves over to Metzger School to play in the playground. I thought it was funny that with all the wonderful equipment the school has to offer that Luke went right for the fence. Too appealing! Isn't it great that stuff like this still appeals to kids? Good old fashioned fun.

He worked his way slowly and surely further and further.

Caleb and I hung out a bit. Not sure which picture I like better: no shades,

or shades. You decide: I can't. Course I like him either way, so I can't judge.

Well, Miss Cate seems to be going somewhere.

Ah, following big brother's lead.

Ellie arrived so I could watch her while her parents move. She cried just a bit and then the kids got her to come out and play. She and Caleb got along just fine.



Luke told us he was stuck. Did we help? Oh no. We took pictures.

Cate is up again. She was busy, busy, busy all afternoon.

As you can see Luke is none the worse for being stuck and the adults who were suppose to be protecting him did not unstuck him so they could take pictures of him being stuck.

Adults stink sometimes, don't they Luke?

Ellie wanted to climb on the stairs, but then she wasn't quite so sure. Cracked me up!

Back at the house Miss Cate wanted to show me something.

Well I do believe we've got a spinner on our hands folks. All right!

She prepares her windup....

The spin is in motion!

And we're just about to land!

She had a lot of fun spinning and spinning and I had fun watching her. I wish life was always about stuff like climbing fences, going up and down a slide, and spinning. That would be good.

Okay, you think you're looking at a cute little girl with a car. You are not.

You are looking at a cute little girl with a 'car phone'. As she's walking away she's saying, 'Hello, hello?" Jennifer and I were cracking up big time.

Mark and Mary's house has lots of fun 'toys'. We have a gazelle and those are fun for big and little kids alike. Caleb gets a workout while Luke and Cate wait for a turn.

Mark was a doll and got the air hockey table ready for play. The boys had a blast!

Caleb couldn't wait to give it a go.

Luke took it pretty seriously. He's doing his best to prevent Caleb from scoring.

I have the feeling though that Caleb was the victor. Just a guess.

Word to the wise: if you're going to take pictures with my camera, you're opening yourself up to having any said pictures posted on my blog. Word.

Me and Miss Rose

After the Rusts left Ellie and I hung out for the afternoon. And we had some 'little' visitors! Kseniya and crew came by to pick up their tickets for the Jonus Brother's concert that night.

They'd been at a Diabetes Function at Bulwinkles, and looks like they are intent on coming up with a new fashion statement. Looks like an idea whose time has come!

Ellie and I figured we watch ourselves some TV. We only watch a bit, she had things to do and people to see. Wait, I think that was a cat she had to see. She and Lire got along great. Ellie petted her very gently. What a great kid.

Then we played some peek a boo.

"Peek a boo!"

Resting up: and we all know what time it is after a gal rests up....

Dance Fever! Rock out girlfriend!

Is she the cutest little thing or what?

Dancing and peek a boo make a gal thirsty. This cup was quite a bit of fun as well to play with.

Mark brought it to my attention there was a wedding party at the church next door and they had a horse drawn carriage. Excellent!

Now that's something you don't see everyday in Tigard.

What did you say? I CAN'T HEAR YOU

Volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House makes me feel good. I love baking for them (come to think of it I found a new cookie recipe I want to try-can't wait) and they seem to like it as well.

Well, they also share the wonderful experiences that wonderful folks out there provide for the folks staying at the house with the volunteers. And on Friday I got an email stating they had tickets for the Jonas Brother's concert this weekend. I knew Ksenyia's daughter was a big fan, and Kseniya was even in my office when I read it (was meant to be!), so I responded that I'd like some tickets. Wahoo!

Well, come to pass that Kseniya's family went to an event Saturday morning and her daughter Larissa won two tickets to the concert! I had four tickets, so Larissa and dad used the tickets she won (getting to hang out in a box, with pizza and such) and Kseniya and I sat with the boys.

I arrived late and lo and behold I see a big ole bus while walking in. And it has been autographed all over by loving, adoring fans. I got a clear view of the bus since all those loving, adoring fans were in the building. So it was a good thing I was late. I basically had the bus all to my self.

Kaitlin loves JB.

Phone numbers were written, hoping for that loving phone call from one of the JB.

Right. That will happen.

So I get there late and Kseniya assures me I didn't miss much. Perfect! She told me the gal who was singing when I got there was one of the winners of American Idol. She was wonderful! I loved her voice and her attitude and everything! None of my pictures of her came out, but I am so glad I made it in time to hear her. Lovely.

And the lovely young ladies above are a group that the JB have discovered and are promoting. Kseniya said their first act (that I missed) wasn't very good, and I have to say this one was okay, but then I'm a fifty something woman and I don't think I'm their target market.

More acts, more waiting. I have to say the kids around us were great, having a good time, and not being too crazy or ultra 'loud' (it was a concert for gosh sake, so you KNEW there would be noise), and it was so fun to watch them standing and waving their hands and swaying to the music. That in itself was a lot of fun and I thank the good folks at the RMH for this.

Oh, and thanks for the lack of hearing I have today. We'll be talking about that later, when I can hear what you have to say in response. I gotta tell you, a bunch of girls in that place can make some NOISE!

Lots of colored lights swaying in the crowd. I just liked how my picture came out. Deal with it.

And there THERE THEY ARE. THE Jonas Brothers. I enjoyed the concert. Yes, I really enjoyed it. Their music reminded me of 80's music and so it was lively and fun and nothing too crazy. The funny part is that Jon, Kseniya's youngest son, fell asleep shortly after the brothers started and slept the rest of the concert! Amazing.

Yes folks, I had a good time. And when they sang Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline' for the parents I sang along loud and proud. One young girl sitting by my us was looking at me I'm pretty sure with amazement that anyone knew the words to that 'old' song. Don't worry Neil, I still love ya.

I loved the energy of the crowd and hanging out with Kseniya and crew. Gabe was loving taking pictures with the camera and he was very good at it. He has an eye for pictures (just like someone else in that family I know) and he's just plain ole fun to hang around with.

I love you Kevin, Joe, and Nick! Okay, so I actually don't know which one of you is which, I only know your names by reading the love notes on the bus, but I do love you just the same.