Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Relay this and that

I'm so mad!  I spent so much time adding pictures, and I guess I added one too many......the dang thing locked up on me and won't load the pictures!  Dumb ole blog.  It's late, so I'll try again, but I wanted my Dad and my mother-in-law to see a bit of Relay.  I'll give it a go soon and ensure you catch up.  I love you!!!

This was the 10th year for Hillsboro Relay For Life, and our team has been a part of it from day one.  We're very proud of that.

This young lady was new to Relay: her mom brought her along, and I so enjoyed getting to know her.  What a sweet heart! 

Ah, watermelon.  Nuff said..............more to come!  I promise!  Dumb ole blog........

Mascot Style

When walking at Relay it's usual for a team to have something to carry to show they're the person walking for their team.  Here's ours.  Cute, eh?

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Road Trip

Mark and I drove on up to Port Orchard this weekend to visit family.  We passed some classic cars along the way.

Finally got to see our great nephew: Eli is so friggin adorable!!

I got to hold him and he was so alert (not here: we wore him out!) and was interested in checking everything out. Very sweet baby.

So my mother-in-law had taken down all the pictues on her fridge, and I wondered why.  Apparently David had discovered that there weren't any pictures of him on the fridge.  So all the other pics were taken down and a big ole pic of David was put on the fridge, with signs alerting one and all to that fact.  So funny!!

Hi David!!!  Looking good buddy!!!

We were hanging out on Mary Jo and Randy's porch and some deer romped up the driveway and went into the deep grass.

That was so cool.  I've seen deer here before, but never this close.

I love their porch.

Makes me want to go out and buy lots and lots of flowers.

Owen needs to get busy and cook Aunt Mary some hot dogs or such.

We went shopping at a store filled with antiques and such, and I found a great 'rocket car'.  I thought it might look good on my kitchen cabinets.

I was right!  Going to do all antique toys up there now.  Huckleberry Hound, you'll never be lonely again!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's Day Bampa

Happy Father's Day Bampa.  You are loved!!!!!!!!!

Deacon discovers PB ice cream. Happiness happens!

I found some PB ice cream for dogs at Target.  So of course I picked some up for Deacon.  I put it in the bowl, called him over, and he was very confused about what was happening.  He truly wasn't sure if it really was for him.

I finally convinced him that it was, he gave it a taste, really liked it, but the bowl kept slipping around so I took it in the kitchen and put it in the corner.  Worked much better.

Well, Lire decided she needed to give it a try and put her face right into the bowl!  I pushed her out, and I got a very dirty look for my troubles.

"What?  NONE for me?"  Well, the next time I gave Deacon some I cut off a sliver for her and she really liked it.  SO now it's cat ice cream too.  Who knew?  But now PB ice cream is a big treat for certain folks in our home.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Starlight Parade done right!

Chalie and Kathy came along for the ride at the Starlight Parade. While we waited for the parade to begin we checked out Portland.  Here is one way cool elephant.

 He wow: here he is again, in a mural this time!

Check out Charlie sporting a way cool hat.

Checking out the RMH entry. 

I loved the Civil War enacters (spelling, sigh) outfits.  So well done!  And I love this picture.  I think it's one of the best I've ever taken.

Charlie loved meeting so many princesses.  And these gals had buttons to hand out.  Made this young lady's day for sure!

I got a kick out of the woman waiting in costume for the extra large porta potty.  Thank goodness they had one!

This is Dave (I believe that's his name...sigh...). He is one of the folks who does most of the work on the float.  He works at Parr Lumber (they sponsor the float), and he is one of the nicest guys around.  Here he shows Charlie the ways of the mini marshmellow gun.  She just shot one at me and I think she even hit her target!

Here Tom, the executive director of the RMH, checks out the gun.  Wade, a young man who has stayed at the House many times, explains it. 


Wade and I had a lot of fun hanging out.  He's very interesting to talk to, even though he likes snakes......I'll overlook that.....

Hey, why weren't we invited to the toga party??


Stars talking to police.  Only in Portland......

Lights are coming on: must be showtime!  We had so much fun: I love being in the Starlight Parade, and I loved that Kathy and Charlie came with me.  I have the best friends every.   :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bark For Life!

I found myself one Saturday morning at Bark For Life of Beaverton.  One of the best parts was hanging out with Kathy and crew.  Here is her set up of fundraising.  I love the colors!

This was a great little park.  We all began to make our way to the opening ceremony.

Jill got us started.  You go girl!

Everyone got ready to get started.  Look at the thrilled looks on the kid's faces.  Cracks me up, cause they were actually having a great time.

This young lady is a vet, and she spoke on treating dogs with cancer.  I felt she was a wonderful speaker, and the information she gave us was interesting.

Here is Murphy, one of her patients.  He lost his front left leg to cancer.  He has an amazing spirit, and really brought it all home to us.

Murphy is in good hands, and that makes me happy.

We started the first lap.  Go Victor!

Kathy showed up, bringing two of my favorite little friends along for the ride.

Charlie colored a picture for the coloring contest.

Looking good my friend!

Okay, way too cute of a dog.  Way too cute.

Dean and Bailey hang out.  Bailey is styling with a purple Bark bandana.

Checked out the 'kissing' contest.  Most dogs just wanted to play.  Kissing ain't their style I guess.

A police dog attended as well.

Folks are drawn to a dog in uniform.....

See the stickE on the ground?  That's the dog's treat, and he's just barely containing himself until he can have it back!   Even big ole tough police dogs love their treats!!!

Time to go home.  Loving my new green hat, that says 'woof' on it.  Matches my green sunglasses I got from the Rock & Roll Marathon.  I'm so styling!

And I'm silly.

Kinda goofy.

I'm surprized at how styling and silly and goofy I am!
Aren't you?

The day actually began to have some blue sky: loving that!


I parked in front of this house: loved the flowers.  Makes me want to do more in my yard.
Great day all around.  Go Relay!