Sunday, August 29, 2010


Here are some of my team mates at the first pass off from van 1 to van 2.

Our friend Tammy, who is on the team "Sweaty Bettys' is so happy to be starting her first leg!

This team cracked everyone up! They are the Disco Divas and they did a coordinated dance routine and did it very well. And they changed outfits on a regular basis. They were a kick to be around.

Since our team is 'Save the Ta Tas', we put bras all around our vans. On our van we had 'big bertha' right up front.

When our team member ran, she would wear a coconut bra with small lights on there. They were a big hit! Tracy, at the upper left with the white shirt, is wearing them as she is the next walker, but she wore them backwards! That was pretty funny.

Ta tas.

Ta tas.


See how lovely they are?

Be proud of the ta tas!!

Afterward we hung out in the beer garden. The weather was suppose to be rainy, but thank goodness it was sunny and warm at times. Hey, after all, we were at the Oregon coast.

Maureen and Shelia having fun at the party on the beach.

Lots of folks having fun at the party.

So many funny sayings on vans.

And a lot of blow up dolls!!! Hmmmm......

This was a funny one. The apple fritter van.

Even gnomes love apple fritters.

Here we party with the sweaty bettys.

While we were partying with the SB they decided to clean the porta potties! Oh no! Rather yucky, I must say.....

One of the disco divas. Love them!!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Wedding Daze

Saturday we welcomed Dylan and his family into ours officially.

Mom was all prettied up, and had one of the best seats in the house. Mark had a beer....

Aren't they cute? Brothers and Sister.

Wonder what Matt is pointing at?

Oh, I see. Run, Cari, Run!

There we are. The gang is in place.

Wedding guests begin to arrive.


Here comes the Bride, Mom, and Dad.

She was so beautiful!!

I adore these two. They're so right for each other.

Beautiful bride, good looking groom. Wonderful wedding!!!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Candy is our friend....

Putting together a couple of lollipop displays for my niece Megan's wedding. She's going to have a candy table and I figured this would be a fun gift to give her. I saw a similar idea in a blog, so I stole the idea and did it my way.

I have two round Styrofoam bases, then some blue jelly beans, and then some happy, smiley face blue lollipops. And a big ole white ribbon. So cheerful!

I made a 'gate' of white and wedding paper. Love the muted tones. Hopefully the bride (and mom of bride) will like it!

And I really like my new hair cut. Not sure what that has to do with lollipops and muted wedding paper.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Hanging out

Mark and I met up with a bunch of the Relay folks for beer, food, and fun. We got there first. We took pictures to pass the time. We are so funny.

Mark played around with the settings. THIS will teach him.

Notice the coaster ON his beer? We were in shade, but the tree we were under was shedding small flowers. We had to protect our food and beer.

The gang arrived and much laughter and talking took place.

Charlie came, had fun, was adorable as ever, and Jill tried to teach her how to eat Oreos. The trouble was that Jill eats the center and throws away the chocolate cookie part! Charlie wanted NOTHING to do with that way of eating Oreos. Jill is now on her own for Oreo eating.

Charlie decided that many of us should sport the new, stylish 'wicker basket' look. I think I look rather chic.

Victor. You so funny. Dean laughs. Mark? Not sure what he's doing.....

What a wonderful group of people to hang with. So very lucky.