Saturday, September 22, 2007

Tigard Youth Football

Mark and I worked as field monitors (telling six year olds not to spit off the side of the bleachers, greeting coaches, and kicking kids off the field during halftime...a good time was had by all!). Mark worked on the fence, and I decided to capture it for prosperity. Good job honey.
One of the guys from TYF came up with these nice looking signs. Several coaches expressed 'dismay' about not being to bring their firearm on the field: funny guys, real funny. Carol Hunt wondered if kids could be considered noise there's a thought!

Hey, the sign didn't say you couldn't bring a penguin.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lack of wisdom

Mark had all four wisdom teeth out Saturday. The surgery went well, no complications, and Mark came home groggy and with lots of pain medicine. Thank goodness! I have to admit he was a model patient, no whining or moaning. On a scale of 1 to 1, with 10 being great, he was a 10. And he had a private nurse, as you can see above. Lire hung out with Mark most of the day. In fact, a couple of times when I was giving him his pills Lire would try to drink out of the cup with Mark. Crazy cat! By Monday he was feeling much better (he took the day off) and was even able to go to football practice. That made him very happy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Take my kids....please.......

The joys of having children. Doug and Eric have a special bonding moment.

Cari and Eric tried to find a moment alone by the water, but I followed them. Nice try kids.

Steven hung out over here all evening (see Cari and Eric walking towards the water??? So did I! LOL!!!).

Doug did a bit of dancing, but like his brother he was hanging out at the edge of the party. But lots of folks came over to hang with them, so they had a good time.


Port Gamble is a wonderful place to have a wedding and reception. The reception was right by the water and the view amazing. Lots of folks eating and drinking and dancing and just having a darn good time.

Mr. and Mrs.

Rachel looks lovely in her great-grandmother's stole. Elegant.

Okay so I'm not elegant. A white sweater is just not as cool as a stole. Bummer. Oh well, I got to eat cake, drink beer, hang out with friends and family, and dance the night away. What more could a girl ask for???

Party like it's 1999!

Cupcakes! I confess: I LOVE cake!

Mark and his mom. I know he loves me, but he sure does love his mom.

The three of us. Nuff said.

At the end of the evening Rachel and David danced while everyone danced around them. Fun!
Trevor danced all night. He had a great time, and earned his rest. What a doll.

More wedding pictures!

Cari and her daddy: two of my favorite people in the world. Mark and I wonder how we ever were so lucky to have such a beautiful and talented daughter. She is amazing, and we adore her more than we can say.

David's parents join our ranks: we are so glad to have them as part of our family now!

Rachel getting ready to go to the reception in Daddy's car. Randy loves his daughters, but the car could be said to be another one of his "pride and joys". And it sure is a beauty. Not as pretty, sweet, or talented as the girls, but you can go to the mall in it!

My kids. Always there for each other, even if it is with a right hook.

Grammy Jo and Bampa. Rachel has a special bond with her grandparents and it shows.

Mother and Father of the bride. Mary Jo, you are so gosh darn cute! I'm so proud of you, and you truly were a lovely mother-of-the-bride. Look at you!! And yes, Randy, you're cute too.

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Go Tigard!!!

Last night Tigard played Lincoln and this was a game I really wanted to win! Last year they beat us BAD, and they were rather rude about it, both the players and the fans. The game was great, we WON, and our guys excelled. Scott got hurt early, the guys rallied, and they continued on strong. So many guys stepped up to the plate and gave it their best. I was so proud of them.

This was Mark's first game (freshman) of the year and they won as well. In fact, the JV won as well, so it was a clean sweep. Good job guys!

My parents.

I realized I had not posted a picture of the luminaria bag I created for my mom for our Relay For Life. I did one for my dad as well, but I can't find the darn picture! Dang it. It was great, trust me.

I adore my mom. She's so funny, and sweet, and passed on her love for Agatha Christie to me. That alone is worth the price of admission! I wish we lived closer to each other: this is one of my few regrets in moving to Oregon.

And I got my love of sports from my dad. I think about all the times we'd go somewhere and my dad would be listening to a baseball game. For me as a kid, that was a comfortable feeling, and to this day I still enjoy listening to a game while driving somewhere, or reading. I'm rather fond of my dad as well. Sue me.

I'm very lucky. Through my life my parents have been there for me. I love them very much.

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Poor Mark, Cool Steven

Steven spent a pretty relaxed weekend. His only job was to dress up, attend the wedding, and party down at the reception. And oh yes: relax.

Poor Mark had trouble with his wisdom teeth. His jaw was swollen, so he spent the weekend icing his jaw and on pain killers. He was a darn good sport, and still looked good in a tie!

Monday, September 3, 2007

THE Wedding

Before the wedding it was time for pictures. The couple taking pictures were wonderful! They were very creative, and I have the feeling they have pictures of just about everything that went on. Here they gather the family together. Grandma Lois is finding her place in the picture.

Rachel and David are about to begin the event of their lives.

Both Grandmothers are here, along with Bampa.

Ah Keith, you're a riot. A real riot.

Breakfast "by the bay"

Port Gamble is a beautiful place. Mary Jo rented two homes by the water for us all to stay in and it was wonderful. The view was amazing.

Randy and Keith made breakfast each morning. Sunday Morning Randy was hard at work being the grill master (Keith was busy can see a bit of him in the picture at the right). The eggs were tasty, and bacon is always a hit.

Practice makes perfect

My beautiful niece Rachel was married Sunday, Sept. 2nd. We drove up to Port Gamble on Saturday fot the rehersal and a bar-b-que by the water. Randy did a great job escorting Rachel.

The wedding party did a great job as well. The really short guy is Gavin, Rachel's step-son (to be at that moment).

Cari, in red. Jill in blue. Megan and Jessica in white.

Cari at the church. I think this was a Lewis and Clark moment.....