Friday, May 1, 2009

Rip City comes to a close. For now...

Last night the Blazers lost and are now out of the finals. Can't you tell by the 'excited' way they're watching the game? If the Blazers were going crazy, getting point after point, these guys would be jumping up and down.

Most of the excitement last night was while watching the Chicago and Boston game. WOW! OTs all over the place, and amazing shots, and just plain ole fun to watch. The last game is a not to be missed event my friends.

Excitement is all around at the Vander Yacht residence. Can you feel it?

I tell you it's everywhere. Can you feel it?


I can't tell you what Deacon is saying about the game. This IS a family blog after all. I've spoken with him and it won't happen again.

The Blazers gave everyone a wonderful year, and they are a wonderful bunch of men we are all very proud of. We made it to the playoffs and that was the icing on the cake (and you know how much I love cake). Rip City is alive and well in Portland, and as they stated at the end of the game:

Only 30 weeks until next season! GO Blazers!!!!!!!!!

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