Saturday, October 29, 2011


Yesterday was my first Friday off per my new shift. Loved it! They were showing all of the Halloween shows for Rosanne, and I really enjoy those, so I baked Halloween treats while watching them. FUN! My friend Jennifer found a fun cake to bake, and when I went to remove it from the bundt pan part of the cake remained in the darn I went ahead and frosted it and called it a 'scary cake'. Folks seemed to like it, thank goodness. I'll have to give it another go: maybe better luck next time. The House is all decorated for the holiday and I have a crush on the scarecrows. So darn cute.

Ballet shoes anyone??

My friend Ksenyia, her daughter, and I went to a sale of no longer needed items from the Oregon Ballet. We got there right about the time it opened, and let me just say there were TONS of people there, and from listening to other folks it sounds like they opened the doors early. Geez. We saw folks coming out with bags and bags of stuff, and I have the feeling that lots of folks got lots of cool stuff. Darn. But we did find some shoes, bits and pieces of stuff, and I found some really cute Christmas ornaments that must have been for sale in their gift shop, they were marked at 15 dollars, and I got the three of them for a total of one dollar. Excellent! It was fun, interesting, and I was shocked at the crush of folks looking for deals. Wow.

Friday, October 28, 2011

It never gets old

Mark and I decided last Saturday to go watch one of the 8th grade football games. They were playing at Tigard and so we took ourselves down there and watched ourselves some football. And Lire stayed home. We were laughing our heads off at her as we took off for football. What a strange little cat!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

California Dreaming

I had a wonderful visit in California. See the 'pile of luggage'? That is art from unclaimed luggage at Sac airport. Pretty impressive. Linda and I drove to Old Sac from the airport and had lunch at Fannie Ann's, where Linda used to work. We hung out with Dad, John, Tom, and Lyndsey. We met with friends at the YCHS football game and had our picture taken with the mascot, the Honker. Yeah, a Honker. We went around town with Diana, see the memorial to our friends involved in the YCHS bus accident in 1976, surprised our friend Toni (so nice to see her), and showed Dad how to Skype And spending all day Sunday with my friends Linea and Tom was a highlight. How lucky am I that Linea and I are still good friends after all these years?? I'm looking forward to the next time I get to go down and hang out. I love my family and friends in YC!!!!!

Bits and pieces of Portland Half Marathon

I had a great time at the Portland Half Marathon. The weather was perfect (just a light drizzle during parts of it, and that was excellent!), the crowds nice, and it was organized very well. I came in 104th of 184 for my age group, so next year my goal is to be in the top 100. And I know I can do it.

Portland Marathon