Friday, May 8, 2009

It's Out Of This World

Tonight I found a new place for pizza and fun: 'out of this world'. It's located right by Mark's work, and I got to go to a fun birthday party.

This is Charlie, the birthday girl. Her mom Kathy has been my friend for a whole bunch of years, and we all got together to wish this young lady a happy 3rd birthday.

Kathy had CAKE there. She knew that would get me. Her crafty plan worked.

There are some cool climbing walls, just the right height for the kids. Well done!

Notice the sad look here on the birthday girl? She got a bit of a fright on a large slide, and was a bit upset. She needed a diversion. Something to take her mind off the bad, mean, evil slide. I don't blame her: I didn't like bad, evil slides at that age either.

Well, she found a diversion: cars! Fun, crazy, fast wheeling cars! Life was good again. Fun returned. Laughter was heard.

Hey Kathy, just think: in a few years she'll be wanting a REAL car for her birthday. LOL

Hold on kiddo! You're in good hands.

Here we go.

I love the look here. Determination!!

"Go this way!"

The birthday girl loves her daddy.

The crowd waits for it:

CAKE!! Mary is happy. CAKE. And COSTCO cake. Oh man, I do love me some Costco cake.

Charlie sits down for a bit of CAKE.

She picked at it a bit: there was too much to do. There will be plenty of time later for cake.

After CAKE, a magician made the rounds, and did a card trick for the little princess.

Charlie didn't quite get the whole card trick idea, but she was a good sport, and it was a good trick!

Look! She got to keep the card, and it's got Belle on it. Something cool for a scrapbook, eh?

Happy Birthday Princess. You have brought a lot of joy and happiness to many people, and the world is a better place because you are here. I wish you a whole lot of wonderful all year long.

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CFCina said...

thanks Mary! so glad you were able to come tonight! I need a copy of your photos, please! Can you burn me a CD? Happy Mother's Day!
~ Kathy