Sunday, July 28, 2013

Happy Birthday Mark!

Doug, Steven, and I took Mark out for a birthday breakfast. 
Doug checks out his phone.

Trust me, I'm surprised you don't see Steven with his phone.

I guess he's busy watching Doug with his phone.
Mark was busy texting Cari.
She was busy wishing Mark Happy Birthday.
Mary was happy!!!

Colorful walls. 

Mark had a great Birthday morning.
Later we Skyped with Cari and that made it even better.
Happy Birthday Mark.  I love you and I know your new year is going to be amazing!

Saturday, July 27, 2013


As Mark's birthday approaches I thought I'd post some 'Dad' pictures.
Dad of Monsters.
                         Disney Dad

Depoe Bay Dad

Daddy's Girl Dad

Dad and His Boys Dad
So proud that Mark is my children's Dad.  I wish all children had a Dad like him.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Happy Birthday MJ!!!!

Happy Birthday to one of my greatest gifts I ever got.
When you get married your husband brings you more than just himself.
Mark brought one of my favorite people in the world into my life.
Mary Jo, I love you and adore you and wish we lived closer so we could
party like it's 1999 all the time!!!
Happy Birthday. 
Love. Joy. Happiness.  Adventures.  Baby kisses.  Hugs.  Contentment.
I wish you all of this and more.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Happy Birthday Doug

Last Monday Mark and I went into Portland to pick up some of Cari's art work.  To our dismay we discovered that the art gallery is closed on Mondays.  Sigh.
So to feel better we went to Keil's and had a beer and some food.  We felt better.
While we were in the neighborhood we decided to stop by and pick up some VooDoo Doughnuts for Doug for his birthday.  I mean, you only turn 23 once ya know!

We got all kinds.  Chocolate. M&M's.  And a bacon maple bar.

And of course a VooDoo Doughnut. 
What would a 23 year birthday be without one?

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Walking for the right reasons.

Today we walked to support Dustin, who is fighting brain cancer.

Nikki and Dustin posed: Dustin sure knows how to show some style!

I took over Steve's sign: I was proud to march for Dustin.

Steve, Dustin, and Nikki: so flipping cute.

Here we're waiting to find out if we won anything in the drawing.
Angie won.  And it's her birthday: glad it was her that won!

Steve had a thing for signs.....

Dustin, his two sons, his Mom and Dad, sister, and her husband.
They are all so supportive of Dustin: what a loving family.

Steve and Angie, our birthday girl.

Sandy, Nikki, Steve, and Mark hanging out.

What a crowd!

Love the view along the way.  And this building was amazing!!!
So glad I have good friends in my life.
And my wonderful husband.  Life is good.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Memories of Metzger

Around the end of the school year Metzger School, right across the street, had their field day.
I remember when the kids would take part in field day: at the time our kids went there we had houses across the street. A much different view. Now with the new school Mark and I get a kick out of seeing the kids playing in the field.  We so enjoy seeing the t-ball games, with all the parents in their lawn chairs. 

I took my coffee out front and watched.
I hope they didn't mind.  I wasn't being creepy.  I was just remembering.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Happy 4th!!!

Mark and I took off to spend the 4th with Matt, Sandra, and the grandkids.
Great views on the way there.

Sandra's step dad and mom had us over for lunch.

It was such a festive lunch!!
Red, white, and blue rocks!

Mark loved spending time with his brother.

We both loved getting to know the kids.
We fell in love with them.

They were so good and so fun.

Matt and Mark had fun playing with them.

The next day we took a walk and found giant dandelions.
The kids got a kick out of them.

Mark hung out with the bear.
It takes so little to make him happy.....

Love the view off of their deck.  Was a great way to spend the morning.

Coffee and a view. Loving it!

Mat loves coffee too.

His mug is pretty cool.

Mark and Matt chat the morning away.

The drive home was so beautiful.

We saw snow this morning as we drove by Mt. Rainier.

SO beautiful!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Dad parties like a rock star!

Dad's friend had a retirement dinner from his job of being a NFL Ref.
Dad got to go and was excited to see some old friends.

It sounds like he had a great time.
Go Dad!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Coastal adventures

Saturday Mark and I had an adventure in Tillamook.
We went to the blimp museum and checked out the planes.
Fun to sit in the simulator.  Pretty interesting.

Can you tell Mark had fun?

We then drove to Garibaldi and checked out the train.
We are now planning on going back and taking a ride. 
Another adventure to look forward to.

Pretty impressive!!!

They were having Pirate's Day in Garibaldi.
Hey, even pirates need to take a breather at the coast.

It was an amazing day to walk on the beach.
So many families hanging out, enjoying the day.

We are so cute.

Look!  Mary made a friend!
He was a VERY friendly pirate.
He likes wenches.

We ended the day having a bit of dinner and a beer.
The gal behind the bar was fun to talk to. 
What a great way to end our coastal adventure.