Thursday, May 21, 2009

Garage sales rock!

This last weekend my Relay For Life team held a garage sale.  Capi and I joined Rhonda on Thursday night, organizing everything and getting ready for the sale.  

Lots and lots and lots of clothes.  Kids and adults.  Something for everyone!

Puzzles galore, toys, and books.

VHS tapes of every type.  

I already have most of the kid ones.  Reminded me of when the kids were small.  

The cute dog was not for sale.  He's a keeper.

Fluffy cat was not for sale.

Rhonda is a keeper as well.  She is our team captain and she works her butt off to raise money to fight cancer.  She goes above and beyond what is needed and I adore her.  Oh yes, she's a keeper.  

We raised over 800 dollars.  How wonderful is that?

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CFCina said...

YAHOO...great job you guys!
~ Kathy