Sunday, August 28, 2011

At the beach

My last leg was the final leg and so I got to arrive at Seaside: I was NEVER to glad to see the ocean!! Everyone was there, and I was ready to clean up, use a REAL bathroom, and have a beer and some dinner. Yeah! It was fun relaxing, and getting a kick out of Shelia and her friends having a beer and 'smoking' candy cigarettes! And some guy was carrying around a giant was so funny! And I ran into M J and some fellow Relayers there as well. Lots of money was made during Hood To Coast and Portland To Coast to kick cancer's butt. I was so glad about that. I was thrilled to be able to give M J a hug. After a good night's sleep (wonderful) we went out for breakfast and we noticed some of the porta potties heading out. 'thanks porta did your job. See you next year!'

Portand To Coast: what an adventure!

Another PTC has come and gone and we had a great time! We got flowers from a young man who 'appreciated' the bras all over the van. Many appreciated our light up ta tas we wore when walking. We made a stop along one of the legs to provide support, and to redo the tape on some of the bras on our van (the dust of the road did it's damage), stopping at an area that shows Oregon's beauty. Seeing friends along the way. Getting a laugh out of the way other vans were decorated (and seeing the reactions to ours!), and there were a lot of other vans. And just enjoying being a part of PTC. Can't wait til next year!