Saturday, May 2, 2009

Making friends with tuna.

Last night we all were sitting around, just relaxing. Hanging out. Watching TV.

Like I said: watching some TV.

Cruising the net.

Hmmm...something seems to have caught Lire's fancy. Wonder what it could be?

She's very interested. I have the feeling I know what it is.


Steven and Doug are eating a lot of tuna lately, and Lire and Deacon approve of this with all of their little furry hearts. And they feel that Steven and Doug should share their love of tuna with their furry little friends.

And you know, they usually do.

Making friends with tuna.

Oh, I don't mean actually making friends with the tuna itself: tuna is an end to a means. Steven, at this very moment in time, is the most POPULAR person in our house.

Deacon loves Mark. But I don't think he'd have a chance with Deacon at this time unless he had some tuna on him. Really. Steven knows the way to make friends and influence people (or in this case dogs and kitties).

Deacon is licking his chops. Oh, he loves himself some tuna.

Every move Steven makes is watched very carefully, each animal waiting their turn very politely. Wow.

Lire licks her chops as well, while keeping a careful eye out for further tuna opportunities.

And meanwhile a penguin waits in the dark......

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