Monday, May 25, 2009

Couldn't have been better

I have the best family in the world. I thought I was working this Monday, found out last week I wasn't, and so we asked (at the last minute...bad Mark and Mary...sigh..) Mary Jo and Randy if we could come up and hang out at their place. They were lovely and said yes. We adore you for being that kind of family.

And we called Mom and Dad and they were going to be home too. Score! Lots of family to hang out with.

When we drove up to Mom and Dad's there were llamas waiting to greet us.

At Mary Jo's there were deer in the front yard to greet us!

We might be able to arrange a stray cat, or a roving raccoon at our house. Man, we gotta work on the wildlife experience at our place. We're not keeping up. Bummer.

On Sunday morning we went to Costco. Mark and Mary Jo checked out the little car parked next to us.

Hmmm...Mark and Randy go to check something out.

Wow, the folks you run into at Costco!

Considering these folks were running to Costco to buy hamburgers and watermelon (WONDERFUL watermelon) for our dinner, we were glad they were there.

Mary Jo took us to see where Megan is going to get married. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.

The reception will take place here in the covered area. Amazing view, eh?

Hi Mary Jo! Good choice girlfriend.

Randy approved.

Mark approved. Mary Jo and Mary took pictures.

Mark took pictures too.

No Mark, you can't golf during the ceremony. No way.

THEN Mary Jo and I went up to Mom's to get dirt. Mary Jo knew what she was doing.

A woman on a mission.

Mom came out to make sure the woman with a mission knew what she was doing. OR to say hello. One of those two choices: make your own guess. It's a free country.

The woman on a mission got busy, and all the planters looked great when she was done.

Geez, even Mark was checking to make sure the woman with a mission knew what she was doing.

We found some pretty flowers for Mom.

Here we give some pretty flowers to Mom.

Hanging out with family is the best. Mark and I are lucky that all of our family is fun to hang out with.

Looking out the kitchen window you can hang out with some of the llamas.

And this pretty lady came up to say hello.

We had a wonderful time, it couldn't have been better, and we're looking forward to the next time we can be together.

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