Saturday, May 2, 2009

Stormy weather

We were watching the Duck's spring game on TV, watching Scott play defense on the white team.  Scott did well and it was so fun to watch someone that Mark coached play for the Ducks. 

At one point in the game the announcers were talking about the rain, and how they'd NEVER seen it rain like that.  We didn't really see it that way on TV.  Looked like plain ole rain to us.

Until a few minutes later when it hit here.  Let me just say WOW!  I'm with them.  I've NEVER seen it rain like that, and the wind!  Wow.

Looked around outside, and trees were down at Metzer School.  I had to walk over and check it out.

Some major damage here.


One of the trees at Lincoln Center was down as well.  And it smelled so good, just like a Christmas tree!

Blocked the road.  Bummer.

Once it was over the sun began to shine and it warmed up.  The house looks good.

And then the power went out.  Bummer.

Doug had just made some nachos (good timing) and I had just put a pizza in (bad timing).  

So Mark got very clever and put the pizza on the bar-b-que.  It turned out pretty darn good, just a little overdone (but still good).  

Mike, one of the boy's friend, brought over a burger.  Now THAT was a hamburger.

We were laughing that it was almost as big as he was.  About a pound of meat I gather.  He ate most of it, but in this case the hamburger won.

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