Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hood to Coast. I done my time.

Work up this morning at 3:00 and drove myself on over to St. Helens to volunteer for my friend Shelia's Hood to Coast team (each team had to provide 3 volunteers). Thank goodness Mark and I drove the route last week: it was down a country road and there were several volunteers I spoke with who got lost and were a couple of hours late.

It was beautiful there, watching the sun rise and feeling the energy from the runners and their team mates. I met some really nice volunteers as well, and one man recognized me from when he worked at Intel. Small world, eh?

Lots of porta potties. Good thing: they got used a lot, trust me!

And you thought runners didn't have a sense of fashion!

Loved how some of the vans were decorated. The team members for this van wore a similar beanie.

I followed them through St. Helens on my way and I cracked up when I read it. Go Lemmings!

Yes, that's an outhouse on the top of the van, and it was blaring out music for the masses.

The door. Enough said.

Folks who were ready to run the next leg of the journey waited here, and as each runner arrived their team number was announced so the next runner could be ready to hand off the team number.

I remember this guy couldn't take his number off fast enough! This leg of the run was all uphill, on a gravel road, and anyone who ran this deserves a big hand. I was so impressed.

Loved this van. Too funny!

I was talking to someone and they said, 'Oh, you're one of those folks that aren't official. You're one of them offical folks'. Come to find out some of the shirts were misprinted and I got one of them. Loving it! So I'm offical: deal with it.

It was fun helping out, and I'm glad I could be there for Shelia and her team. Kathy, if you want to put together a team for next year, and we WALK, I will be there. Oh yes, I will be there.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hit the road Jack

This last weekend was a busy one for us. Cari, Doug, and I drove up to Washington. Mark and Steven said goodbye to a dear old friend. A friend who was there when we needed lots of room for our kids. When we needed lots of room to cart a bunch of football players in full gear around (Andy used to call it the clown car because so many kids would pile out for practice). When we needed a vehicle big enough to hold Hooper while he leaned out the window and yelled out at passerbys, 'IT'S HOOPER TIME!!!!'

Yes, the Vander Wagon has left the building. Consider our old friend a clunker. It was for the best, trust me.

Mark got busy cleaning out the Vander Wagon. There wasn't too much to clean out.

Steven and Nick could only watch, knowing their friend was about to leave them. They missed him already. Nick has wanted to cut the top of the Vander Wagon for years and make him a convertible. Now that will never happen. Nick will have to live with that fact.

Mark assured them they would get over it, and they would make a new friend.

Hmmm, they thought: a NEW friend. Goodbye Vander Wagon!

You have been a true friend.

So when Cari, Doug, and I got home our new friend was waiting. Beautiful!!

A 2009 Honda Civic, all for us!

Thank you Vander Wagon for helping to make this possible. You'll always have a spot in our hearts.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Seattle bound

Doug, Crystal, Cari, and I headed on up to Washington. We decided to spend the day in Seattle and we got to Bremerton right in time to catch the ferry. Perfect timing.

There was a Seahawks game Saturday and there were a few fans on the ferry. It was early, but trust me: when we left at 6:45 to head on back to Bremerton there were plenty of Seahawks fans streaming off of the ferry, heading for the game. Go Hawks!

I love my kids.

Someone going to work.

Cari and I took a walk, looking for some place to eat.

We found an amazing restaurant, where you can eat your mom's french fries with chop sticks.

I got myself a chicken/bacon/white cheddar cheese sandwich that was amazing. I mean it. It was love at first bite.

We saw some amazing art work.


And some crazy stuff as well. I really want to 'ride the duck' now. Really.

We walked down to the Market and there was a bride and groom cruising the town.

Market. Nuff said.

I'd not been up here before: liked the view.

We ate on the water front. Good food and the service was great!

Then it was time to head on back to Bremerton. I loved going to Seattle, but I loved being with my kids even more.

Babies, babies, babies!

Cari, Crystal, and I were able to make it to Rachel's baby shower this last Sunday. Fun! We are so excited about Owen joining our family!!!

Here Megan and Rachel share in the excitement of knowing Owen is just about ready to join in all the fun of being a part of our clan.

Whoops, sorry. Got distracted by the food....looked so pretty, and it was pretty darn good as well.

Everyone visited and admired the babies. And we had some pretty adorable babies to admire.

We played a game where everyone made a baby out of play dough and Rachel judged the winners. Here Cari and Grandma Jo collaborate on their designs.

And considering they both won, maybe I should have been over there with them. I didn't get anything. I sucked, as a matter of fact.

Rachel got to give many hugs, and Owen went along for the ride. Okay, so he didn't have much of a choice.

Aunt Leah rocks!!

Everyone hanging out.

Talking and eating and such.

Mary Jo rocks too!
Friends rock as well! Owen went along for even more hugging.

My boyfriend was there and he was just as adorable as I knew he would be!!!!!!!!!

Rachel and Grandma Lois. I was so glad to see her and get a chance to visit. She rocks too! I remember all the beautiful dresses she would make for the girls.

Our beautiful bride to be.

Grandma Jo was bathed in this bath tub as a little tyke, as well as my loving husband when he was a little bouncing baby boy. How cool is that???

Loved these!!

And when I got home I got to check out my new vehicle! By the time we got home from Cari's it was dark, and Mark took it to football practice to show it off, so I'll post some pictures soon.