Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Road Trip

I grew up with this picture in the house. I've always loved it. Mom and Dad, if you ever find it missing, it wasn't me. Really. Probably was Linda. Yep, bet ya that's it.

And these plates. I really like them.

We took off for home. Here we are: road trip! Isn't this a pretty country road? What a nice way to start a trip.

We stopped to say goodbye to the cows.

We stopped and got some Starbucks. I LOVE doing that on a roadtrip.

A certain someone in the truck next to us had an opinion about Starbucks and roadtrips.

There's some beautiful scenery along the way.

Cold weather along the way. Snow!

And LOTS and LOTS of orange dividers the entire way. Almost the entire highway is under construction.



Almost to Salem and we saw this. It was impressive!

Wow. Not only is Starbucks a cool part of road trips. Seeing stuff like this rocks as well.

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