Saturday, April 28, 2012

Utrecht visited.

 Today Cari, Mark and I took a train to the town of Utrecht.  Of course in the train station we had to get coffee.  And let me just say my cup of drip coffee was amazing! 

 As we walked through town the buildings were over whelming.

 The canals were quaint.

 Wow.  Nuff said.

 See what I mean?  The churches were so inspiring.  I can't even tell you.  Such a small town with large aspirations.

 And lovely gardens.

 As we walked through town we found a walking path.

 We so enjoyed strolling by the water, checking out the buildings and greenery.

 And admiring the rather odd signs...

 It was rainy and a bit chilly, but we still enjoyed the walk.

 We found some unusal things.  One of them was a flying saucer on a building.  Something you don't see every day.

 In a shop of security supplies, the uniform in the winder was from Washington. Kinda surprised us.

 We found a pay toliet  Mark decided to try it....

 So he paid to use it, the door opened, and it was nasty!!!  And he had to pay for it!  Can I say yuck and not hurt anyone's feelings?  Yuck!

 We founds some royal chairs to buy. 

And hanging bikes.  We enjoyed our trip.  Small city, but full of charm.

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