Monday, April 23, 2012

A lazy day in Amsterdam

Mark and I had a VERY lazy day today.  Cari took off for work around 9, I woke up around 10, and Mark slept in until 1 pm!  And I had to wake him up from a sound sleep.  I think the fact that his seat on the plane was so uncomfortable made it so that he got hardly any, IF any, sleep on the trip here.  So I think his body took over and got the rest it needed.  I enjoyed reading my book while he slept in, so it was all good.

We then walked to a coffee shop around the corner, ordered lattes and sandwiches (cheese and tomato and pesto, so darn good), sat outside and talked and people watched.  We then took a stroll, ended up at a small park, and wandered there.  It was fun to watch the families at play in the playground. 

On the way back we stopped at a couple of stores, looking at pre-paid phones, and once we got back to the apartment he decided which one he wanted and went back to get it.  I brewed up a pot of tea and I'm enjoying sitting here catching up on FB and my blog.  We'll decide on dinner later, but for now it's been a wonderful, lazy day.  We may wander around town: it's so beautiful lite up at night.  And it's suppose to rain tomorrow, but being from Oregon we've learned to never let rain stop us from having fun!  And the weather so far has been off and on rain, with the sun showing it's face here and there.  Actually been fine weather so far.  We've loving being with Cari.  And Uncle Pete as well, who escaped out the front door today and led Mark and I on a merry chase up and down the stairs. And let me just tell you the three flights of stairs to Cari's apartment are STEEP!  Silly ole cat.  He's now safely home and I can tell he's just waiting for the next chance of a big adventure.

The picture above is from our walk the other night: so many hot dog stands in Amsterdam.  Who knew hot dogs would be a big thing here? 

Hope you all have a wonderful day: Live Out Loud, okay???

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Dee said...

Sounds like fun. One day,I'll have to try to get to Amsterdam. Enjoy.