Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Today was a good day.

 After touring the church we headed back into town to see if we could tour the Corrie Ten Boom house.  If you've never read her story you should!  Her family hid Jewish people during the war, they were discovered doing this and she and her family were sent to a prison camp. 

We arrived too late, but we will probably come back and do the tour.  But if anything I'm glad I was here to see.  Her story was very touching to me.
Art in this city is everywhere.

 Oh, and folks getting ready for Queen's Day this weekend.  The whole country is going to be one big orange party!

 Mark studies the map to see where we want to wander next.

 But pretty much any street here is worth walking in.

 We decided to go to one of the bridges.

 For some reason the statue at the foot of the bridge was covered in various knitted items.  Hmmm...interesting to say the least.

 Love the view from the bridge.

 Again, what's not to like about the views from the bridge?

If you have to guess why I took this picture, then you don't know me. 

 Mark checks out the 'penguin' boat.

 This sweet little store made me think of Kathy and Rosemary.

 Loved, loved, loved the quaint little side streets.

 Hmmm...thought of Kathy again.  If you have to ask why, you don't Kathy very well either. 

 Mark hangs out.

 We decide to have some dinner.  We first went to a little pizza place, but not only would they not take debit cards, but (believe it or not) their sign said they didn't accept cash!  We've discovered this trip that most places are only taking Dutch debit cards.  Oh most will take cash, but this has crimped our style.  Don't like walking around with much cash on us.  Sigh.

So we found a great place right across the street.  I got a mozzerla, tomato, and pesto sandwich, and Mark got a burger.  The presentation was amazing, and the food was so good.  Forget you pizza guys!

 This was the view we had while dining.

 We then decided it was time to go back.  Here we're waiting at the station.

 Yep, that's our train.

When we arrived in Amsterdam we decided to walk back to the apartment since Cari was working late.   The weather was a bit nippy, but not too bad.  And WOW the crowds!

 Oh my.  Look what we passed on our way.....

 Hey Dean: look familar??? 

 When we passed by the Nike store we noticed they were interviewing someone.  Lots of folks were watching, so we did too, and took some pictures.  Yes Amanda, I looked for you, LOL!!!

 This store cracks me up.  Sissy-Boy.  Really???

Almost home.  This is the swim center by Cari's place.  It turns 100 this year.  It's beautiful.

Last but not least., this was posted on one of the apartments.  I can't read what it sayd, but it CRACKED ME UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Denise said...

So glad you are enjoying Amsterdam, Mary; love all the pictures. That last picture, roughly translated (thanks to Babelfish, because I was curious!), is "Don't let your dogs do their potty [needs] here. This, as it happens, is no dumping spot [exhaust spot]. Thank you very much for your collaboration." The picture says it all, though--clean up after your dog!

KCina said...

Love the updates!!!!

~ Kathy