Friday, April 13, 2012

Creative stuff.

 Mark and I found a great picture of Amsterdam at Ikea.  It looks perfect in the living room.  I contacted my friend Amanda" she lives in Amsterdam, takes amazing pictures, and we're going to look at getting a copy of one of her pictures to put above the TV.  Looking forward to changing out the pictures in the family roo, and then changing up the pictures in the living room after that.  Fun!

 Being on sabbatical has given me lots of time to work on creating cards.  Here's one of my favorites: who doesn't love a green penguin and ice cream?  A great combination.

 Or a penguin sipping on an ice coffee...

 A cute little girl mailing off a letter to someone she cares about.

 A 'thinking of you' note to a favorite nurse.  The message here is 'My Treasure'.  So true for so many families.

 Dogs and balloons say 'Happy Birthday' to me: how bout you?

And doing a bit of baking.  These were really good.  I got a great deal on some Easter M&M's and I love the way they look in the chocolate cookies.  So good.   :)  Loving having the time to do some fun stuff.  Thanks Intel!!!!

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