Friday, April 27, 2012

Walking Amsterdam.

 Mark didn't feel so well, so he curled up on the couch watching some Dutch TV and hanging out with the cat while Cari and I took a nice, really long walk.  Here we found some young men preparing for Queen's Day.

How did we know???

 The guy in orange, the color for Queen's Day, gave it away!

 They have the Queen's picture up.  You can't miss it!

 I find a big M.

 I'm happy I found a big M.

 The route along our walk was beautiful.

We found bridges.

We found court yards.

We found statues.  This one seems to be, 'she's so NOT into you!'

We found a ferry.  Love the small car in the middle of all the bikes.  Heck, here the cars drive on the sidewalk.

 We found a dog and his toy.  He just stood there calmly, showing off his prize.  We got such a kick out of this.

 We found a great place to have coffee and tea (well, Cari did take Mark and I here the last visit....I admit it....), with a great view.

 And I found a cookie with my coffee.  Mary loves finding cookies with coffee.  That's the best!

 The route on the walk back had amazing views.

 This is a dog who lives on Cari's street.  We saw him (or her, but I think it's a he) all the time on our last visit.  He's good as gold and he looks to be very social.  His owner is in the resturant there, having dinner, while he waits.  He was quite  content.

And we found these all over town.  A HUGE festival, Queens' Day, is this Monday.  Everyone goes NUTS.  This grey contraption is a public urinal.  Oh yes, these folks know how to party!

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