Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Queen's Nite Happenings

With Mark not feeling so hot we took it easy Queen's Nite morning.  We heard a large 'hello!!!', went to the windows to see, and Cari's neighbor had been surprised by her friends, all ready to get going and make some fun Queen's Nite mischief.

 In the late afternoon we strolled around town.  Porta potties were ready: these things were EVERYWHERE, even in the middle of some of the streets.

 The countdown to Queen's Day was almost done.  1 day!

 Ha.  Thought of Kellie when I saw this....Ha!

 This bar was packed to the gills.  They were watching a game, and right as we passed the game winning score must have occured because a great shout went out, much singing began, and folks began to wander out into the night, big smiles on their faces.

I found a Queen's Day shirt with a penguin on it, and some really good coffee: oh happy day for me!  Now if only I'd found my darn ole sunglasses.....

 We wandered over to Rembrandt Square.  The police were ready for a rowdy night.  From what we'd heard Queen's Nite is the BIG party night for all of Amsterdam.  Looks like the police had heard the same thing.

 Orange baloons were everywhere.

 This young man, from Spain, was loving the music.  He and his friends were entertaining the crowds big time.

 Of course they brought their own fuel.....

 These two gentlemen were loving talking to all the ladies, and getting their pictures taken with several of them.

 This adorable lady was very taken with the young men from Spain, and they apparently got a kick out of her!  Very cute to see.

 Like I said, the police were ready.

 Mark talked to one of the musicians.

 While walking back a big ole bunch of confetti shot out into the crowd.  It was wild!

 Mark checked it out: hearts.  How sweet.

 We passed by party after party.  Wow.  You should have seen them.

And everywhere we went the porta potties were BUSY!  And least you think I"m messing with their privacy, most of them were taking pictures of each other, and most when done would wave to everyone, like 'hey, look what I did!'.  And you couldn't see 'anything': I was prety impressed with how the darn things actually worked. 
Queen's Nite was fun: we're on our way to take a boat ride.  I'll post Queen's Day pictures later.  See ya!

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