Sunday, April 22, 2012

Day two in Amsterdam

Cari showed us this store by her place that has rather 'unusual'items.  Stuff like a three headed dog skeleton (right...)  Strange.

 We basicall walked all day.  This house is on the way to Vondal Park.  I love this house!

 Vondal Park is huge, and is a wonderful place to walk, ride a bike, or have a picnic.

 I saw this in the park and wondered what it was.

 Cari explained that folks put up items that are found here: what a way cool way to do 'lost and found'. 

 Cari had a kick boxing class, so Mark and I wandered the town.  We ended up in a large and rather fancy Apple store. 

 We then found this small shopping center and we ended up watching two gentlemen playing a tough game of chess.  It was very involved!

In the square we noticed a Hard Rock Cafe, so we decided to stop and get something to eat.

 We sat by a guitar that was used to record a Jimi Hendrix song.

 We took another hike, exploring Amsterdam.

 I loved this statue: so unusal.

 So peaceful.

 This is a pathway that is a walkway to a row of houseboats.  Cari likes to run in this path.

I can see why she'd enjoy it.

We came across a statue of a man peeing into a creek!  Right next to a youth sports field!   Rather surprised me, I must say.

 A chocolate dinasour: yummy!

A couch of birds....Cari couldn't resist.

 Mark either.

 Bird butts.

 We then found a very shiney couch.

This time I couldn't resist.

Time to go home and play with Uncle Pete.  Later!

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