Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adventures in Amsterdam

 Mark and I decided to go to the Het Scheep Vaart Museum.  It's a maritime (spelling?) museum that Mark had his heart set on going to last year and they were closed for remodeling.  Bummer!  But we knew we could make it this year, so we set off on foot.  We walked through the local street maket next to Cari's place.  I thought of Capi when I saw the really cute cherries dress.


 Again, interesting.....

 Lots of folks out shopping. 

 Flowers everywhere.

Mark checks stuff out.
 This is a picture of the bridge we crossed while we walked to the museum.  They have them displayed on the side of the bridge!

 Lovely walk.

 Trees in bloom.

 Windmills!  And this one has a bar in it, with some amazing beer.  More on this at a later date.

Oh my, looks like we're almost there!

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