Sunday, April 22, 2012

Amsterdam 2012

 Well, we arrived in Amsterdam safe and sound.  But poor Mark: his seat on the plane wouldn't recline, and imagine sitting straight for a 10 hour flight!  OUCH!  And on top of that the tv for his seat also wasn't working very well....the flight attendents tried to resolve the issues, weren't able to, but thank goodness Mark was a wonderful sport, the attendents were great and gave Mark a voucher to use on a future flight.  So hopefully his seat home will be much better. 

We finally got to meet Uncle Pete, Cari's cat.  He's quite the character.  Never a dull moment with this guy around. 

When we arrived it was cold and rainy.  Oh well.  But but evening it warmed up, and we even had some lovely blue sky.  We walked to dinner.

 Checked out the art on the streets.

 Admired the canals.  LOVE them.

We got some coffee.  Here Cari waits.

 Here Mark waits. 

Construction everywhere!

 Beautiful buildings everywhere.

This is the church next to where Anne Frank hid from the nazis.  She used to listen to the bell as it chimed.

 The menu from dinner.

Mark had srimp and he loved it.

 It was a very small resturant, very cozy.

 As we walked home we passed by the 'fun center' in front of the Royal Palace, preparing for Queen's Day, a HUGE celebration coming up.

 Cari and her friends had already checked out the rides the night before.

Fun centers and Royal Palaces: welcome to Amsterdam my friends!

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