Thursday, April 26, 2012

Het Scheep Vaart Museum

 So we finally made it to the museum.  We arrived in the covered courtyard and began to get our bearings.

 Love the fact the courtyard is covered, and you can still enjoy the sunshine (when it's there).

 Okay, the first person I've seen this trip that is acutally wearing wooden shoes out and about.

 This is a display on whaling.

 I like this saying: 'God created the world, but the Dutch created Holland'. 

 When we went out to see one of their ships it had begun pouring down rain, and was cold and windy.  It's all in the timing my friends!  The boat is a recreation and we really enjoyed touring it.  It was very interesting.

 Lots of school groups today. 

 This is the nearby NEMO, the science center.  Love the way you can sit on the roof.  Going to do that one of these days.

 This ship was so cool.

 Mark was having so much fun!

 One area had some colorful and unique stained glass windows.

 I thought these were the best!

 So powerful to have on a ship.

 On ourway back we stopped by the bar in the windmill to have a drink before heading out for home.  We'd gone here last year with Cari and some of her friends: it was one of our favorite places.

 We shared a sampler.  SO good.

See what I mean?

Great bar: in fact we bought two young men we know t-shirts from here.  Hope they'll like them!!!!

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