Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chicken and Beans

Mark and I took off on Saturday afternoon, heading out to Tigard HS. Ah, June in Oregon. Perfect football weather!

We were heading out to the first annual Tigard HS Football 'Chicken and Bean Bowl'.

What the heck is THAT you ask? I will tell you.

Our new coach has done this for years, putting together a scrimmage at the end of the school year. The freshman and JV teams work out in front of the parents, and then the Varsity scrimmages for chicken or beans.

Yep, you heard me: chicken or beans. The winner eats chicken and the losers eat beans. Hence the name.

In the picture you see some of the parents cooking up said chicken. They weren't only cooking it up for the teams, but for friends and family alike. The boys sold tickets to the event as a fundraiser. Hmmm: who would have guessed that chicken and beans would team up to raise money for football. Will wonders never cease???

The graduation ceremony took place Friday night. The kids were told they couldn't have beach balls at the ceremony, so someone brought a blow up doll and 'she' got bounced around until one of the staff ended that. I'm thinking blow up dolls will now also be on the 'don't you dare bring that to graduation' list now. Wonder what next year's class will come up with?

The parents were busy setting up when we got there.

Setting tables, putting out balloons, etc.

Hate to say it, glad I don't have to worry about all that anymore. Sorry: it's just the plain ole truth. I like being lazy at times like this now.

The freshmen didn't suit up for the bowl. They went through their drills and such.

Over 60 kids came out for the team. WOW.

Mark is going to be one very busy boy.

Here he begins being one very busy boy. And let me tell you, he LOVES being busy when it comes to football.

The JV suited up, and basically ran through some plays. Parents still cheered them on.

Mark. Busy.

Then the scrimmage began, white against green.

The team lined up, ready to begin. Before the scrimmage all the guys were hanging out, just having fun. I think this bowl is a good idea, a fun way for the guys to end the school year.

I filmed the scrimmage for the coach, it was fun to watch, and the white team won, earning the right to eat themselves some chicken. Towards the end of the game I could hear some of the boys shouting out to the other boys to play hard, reminding them, 'It's for the chicken!!! Remember the chicken!!!!' Cracked me up big time.

Mark. Busy.

Man, Mark is BUSY again? But doing what?

Here is our new coach and his wife. The parents made a presentation of welcome to them, providing several items they'll need for the upcoming season. Tigard football hat for coach, a Tigard apron for Mrs. coach, hand warmers, Tigard blanket, etc. You get the message.

Our friend Andy read off the gifts, while one of the moms handed them out. Very well done folks! Very nice way to welcome them into our family.

The final item? When we win the Tigard players have a tradition of singing a song to the crow, and the parents LOVE that song. I always loved it when Steven and crew would sing it after a game. The parents framed it so the coach could learn the words, and then the boys came out to sing it for them. And Mark was being busy coming on down to help the boys with the words. The freshman haven't learned the words yet.

He's nice that way.

That's a big ole bunch of boys!

Good job on the presentation Andy.

The evening came to a close. Cleanup was happening, and kids were hanging out on the field.

Mark took down our pop-up (didn't get broken this time-yea!) and began the long trek to the car.

It was a good evening and I love Tigard Football. GO TIGARD!!!

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