Sunday, June 14, 2009

Relay comes to a close

I went home last night, got some sleep, and then got up bright and early. I drove to McDonalds to pick up breakfast for everyone and got myself back over to Relay. There was some drizzle and such, and breakfast we warmly welcomed!!!

Later that morning the closing ceremony took place. Everyone was tired and a bit cold, so I think they were all very happy to wrap the event up.

Even though it drizzled on and off, quite a few hardy folks remained.

Ah, welcome to Relay in Oregon! Even the speakers wear raincoats.

I grabbed myself a cup of coffee at the snack shack. A big shout of thanks to the Tualatin Youth Football folks for letting us use their snack shack. It was great and we appreciated it.

Ah, Dana, you are working too hard!

Okay, back to the closing ceremony and Dana working hard. We have three 1000 dollar members! Amazing!! They all raised over a thousand dollars a piece.

We raised over twenty nine thousand dollars!!! Almost double of last year's event. Well done everyone. Well done.

One of the team captains come over to tell me how much one of her team mates had enjoyed the Survivor Celebration. She said I made her feel special: that made me feel great. Survivors are what this is all about.

After the ceremony it was time to clean up. Most of the committee members stayed to help, and some wonderful folks from the Forest Grove Relay came to help. You're the best.

I hope they got some of the lovely baked goods from Paradise Bakery, like this big ole cookie shaped like a purple Relay ribbon.

Or some of my new favorite thing in the world: a big ole chocolate chip cookie frosted like a CAKE. Oh yes, this is my new favorite thing in the world. A new weakness: just what I needed. Oh well, life is too short to worry about it. Just enjoy.

Mmmm...wonder what these guys are running for?

Towards the end of the Relay Paradise Bakery put together an event where teams walked so many laps and at the end they got cookies! I was across from the check in station and the kids were LOVING it! What a great idea: made the morning special.

Paradise Bakery: you all rock.

So Relay ends for Tigard/Tualatin. Time to begin planning for next year!!!

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Your tables look awesome!!