Sunday, June 14, 2009

Why I Relay

A wonderful company, Portland Badge, created a banner for our Relay folks to sign. I watched folks walk up to the banner, think before they would write, and add their story to the banner.

Andy was one of our youths, giving a lot of time and effort into team recruitment, fund raising, and much more. Susan Morelli died recently from cancer and I know it touched many of the young people who attended our Relay.

Jordon is Susan's daughter.

Ashley should have had the chance to know her Grandmother better.

Malory knows what's important.

Another young life touched.

And yet again.

Why do I Relay? I Relay not only for my mom and dad (I LOVE YOU), but for others as well.

I have to admit as I wrote this on the banner I felt a bit like crying. I wanted my mom and dad there. I wanted to be with them at that very moment.

I Relay for love.

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Mary Jo said...

Mary, your just so wonderful. I'm sure your parents would have loved to have been with you too. I think of both of them often. Your a great daughter and sister.