Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Cari

Today is Cari's birthday. a time to celebrate the day I joined the ranks of motherhood.

I thought I would share some of my favorite pictures. I love the picture above: the dress Cari is wearing belonged to my friend Capi's mom, and Capi thought of Cari while going through her mother's clothes. And she was right. The dress is classy and fits her personality. I have the feeling that Capi's mom is a pretty special lady.

Cari and Rachel during the holidays, checking out the sights and sounds of Seattle. These two have had a special relationship for years and it always makes me happy to see them together.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the fact that Cari enjoys cooking our holiday dinners. She does such a nice job, and I like it even more when she hangs out with her brothers while doing so. I like seeing my kids hang out.

I love Cari hanging out with her dad at Relay. This is a great picture.

We always do a group shot during the holidays, with one of them being a silly one. Guess we all know which kind this one is....

Cari and Gus. I love this picture.

Cari and daddy at Christmas.

Checking out the chickens at the pumpkin patch. We've always loved going there in October and I think we always will.

Ending shot: doughnut at the pumpkin patch. You HAVE to have one of those when you go.

Happy Birthday Cari. You bring spirit, excitement, creativity, joy, laughter, and a whole heck of a love of zaniness into our lives. And we love it.


Cari said...

love you ma!!!!

lyndsey82 said...

look at my gorgeous cousin!! i haven't seen her in years! god, i miss her, and you guys!!