Sunday, June 28, 2009

Me and Miss Rose

After the Rusts left Ellie and I hung out for the afternoon. And we had some 'little' visitors! Kseniya and crew came by to pick up their tickets for the Jonus Brother's concert that night.

They'd been at a Diabetes Function at Bulwinkles, and looks like they are intent on coming up with a new fashion statement. Looks like an idea whose time has come!

Ellie and I figured we watch ourselves some TV. We only watch a bit, she had things to do and people to see. Wait, I think that was a cat she had to see. She and Lire got along great. Ellie petted her very gently. What a great kid.

Then we played some peek a boo.

"Peek a boo!"

Resting up: and we all know what time it is after a gal rests up....

Dance Fever! Rock out girlfriend!

Is she the cutest little thing or what?

Dancing and peek a boo make a gal thirsty. This cup was quite a bit of fun as well to play with.

Mark brought it to my attention there was a wedding party at the church next door and they had a horse drawn carriage. Excellent!

Now that's something you don't see everyday in Tigard.

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