Monday, June 22, 2009

Monkeys and pizza and Relay, Oh My!

This young man creates works of art with balloons. He does so at Washington Square Mall, and I've seen him there several times. Last year at Relay me made a penguin for me: it was amazing and I still have a picture of it up in my cubical at work.

Da dah! This year a monkey! He too is amazing. Guess I'll have to put a picture of monkey in my cube as well.

A wonderful part of Relay is having Big Philly come on out all the way from Texas. He worked with us for years, retired, and is now living in Texas, but he always comes out for Relay. He is a cancer Survivor and he was our guest speaker at our opening ceremony. He is sweet, funny, and very off beat. I miss seeing him at work. You don't meet folks like him as often as you should.

One of our favorite activities at Relay is to view the many items at the silent auction and see what you'd like to bid on. Mark, Krystal, and Doug take a look.

Wonder what they think of everything? I have to admit there wasn't much I was interested in, but I did bid on a Seattle Seahawks decorative rock (for the garden) and I won! Go Hawks!

Karrisa showed us her new car. I love the color and I love how roomy and comfortable it is. Maybe this will spur Mark on to buy his wife a new car (okay, doesn't need to be new, just new to me!).

Look at the weather behind us. The entire Relay it would go back and forth, wet and cold, and then a bit of sun and rather warm. Everyone just went with the flow and it all seemed to work out.

Mary hung out with her grandchildren. I love how she has a great relationship with them: reminds me of the fact that my kids have great relationships with their grandmothers. It's a special bond and I wish every child in the world had this in their lives. I'm so glad my children do.

Mark hanging out.

Dinner time! Our campsite was right across from the Costco campsite and we were ready for them when the pizzas we ordered arrived.

Here we are, waiting. Can you tell we're hungry?

I'm explaining to them how hungry I am. And knowing me, I'm probably whining as well.

I'm just that way.

Right after having a slice of Costco pizza (pepperoni for me: so good) Mark and I headed over to the Hillsboro Stadium to watch the Les Swab Bowl. Football players are chosen from the different high schools in Oregon to play one last game of HS football.

Here they are, getting ready to play. I have to admit it was strange to be at the stadium and not be at Relay. We've always had our Relay here, but this year the Les Swab Bowl beat us out. Oh well, that's the way it goes.

Number 40 is Tim Beckman, one of our Tigard players. He is really good and some of my favorite plays last year involved Tim. He played quite well and it was a kick to watch him be a part of the event. He played quite a bit and I'm so glad he got the chance to do this. I've heard nothing but good about Tim and sounds like a young man that Tigard can be proud of.

At halftime they had some fun contests and this little guy was in the obstacle course. Everyone was cheering him on and he did require some assistance to get through the tires, but no once cared: it was funny!!

We left at halftime: it was COLD and with the wind whipping through the stands we decided to get our butts back to Realy.

The luminaia ceremony was very special. Since every bag represents a life touched by cancer, it was too many bags.

Very touching.

Many of the bags that touched my heart the most were ones by children. Lots of bags for a mother or father. I know how that goes.

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