Saturday, June 27, 2009

Think good thoughts

My dad called last night to tell me that my mom is in the hospital with fluid in her lungs. Please think good thoughts for my mom and dad.

She should only be in over the weekend: again folks, good thoughts. I'm sending tons of them myself. Talked to Linda this morning to touch base: always good to talk to her. Love you sis!

Let me say that watching how wonderfully supportive my dad has been, and how my mom has rolled with the punches with grace, I'm so very proud of my parents. I realize how very lucky I am that they are my parents. I think I passed on some of their amazing traits to my kids. Combine those with the gifts from Mark's side of the equation: wow, come to think of it, I hope the world is ready for all that.....

As a matter of fact Mark and I have both realized through all this how lucky we are to have the families we do. That we're all in this together and that having parents, and in-laws, that we both love more than we can say (yep, no mother-in-law jokes here!), is one of the best gifts we've ever received. Trust me, we know that we are fortunate.

Do something nice for someone you love today. The good thoughts that come from that will go directly to my mom.

Love you mom!!!!


the potter zoo said...

sending you lots of good thoughts and lots of hugs!

Mary Jo said...

We're thinking of you Erna. Sending our love to you.