Sunday, June 21, 2009

Relay For LIfe of Hillsboro, come on down!

It's Relay # 2 for me and I'm ready to rumble! Sheila and I had the first lap and we were off and 'running'.

We call our team the 'Intel Originals' since we have been at this Relay every year: I believe only the city team has been a part of the effort as long as we have. 8 years ago at our first Relay we had 7 teams: this year I believe we had nearly 100. Wow.

Ronda, our hard working, always thinking, do anything for you team captain is ready to rumble as well! She's got Joanne and Sheila jazzed up as well.

Rhonda is holding our torch: we went with a roman theme and whoever was slated to walk the track was considered 'the holder of the flame'.

Sheila and I walked from 11 to noon, so after we did our time we walked on over to where our fire department was cooking up some burgers and dogs. Here's Angie, she works for the city, serving up some food. She and I became friends at the first Relay and we try to have lunch once a month, but lately it's not been happening. Need to get back to that: I miss talking to her. She's a doll, and keeps those firemen in line.

Trust me, I've seen it for myself.

Speak of the devil, here are some of the firemen putting in their time. Angie at work. Good job!

What a cute couple! I love how her tennis shoes go with her outfit.

I'm telling you, we had some of the best looking folks around the joint.

Okay, I have to admit it: this is one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken!! You go girls!

Mother and daughter: I called them the goddesses of Relay.

"Hey, tell me the truth: does this robe make my butt look big?"

Preparing for our team pictures.

Amber, please get my good side!

Ellie, my little friend I babysit at times (get to do so next weekend, yea!).

Hip hop lessons. Notice that MARY is not out there? It was a kindness I did for others. Spare them the heartache.

Ilyn and Noah came to the Relay. He's too darn cute, and was good as gold. While waiting for Karissa to arrive we went over to watch a martial arts demonstration.

Brightly colored uniforms looked great, and the kids did a wonderful job. Very enjoyable to watch.

The Intel Orig group decided to give them a look.

I noticed this young lady hanging on to daddy during the display. I loved how sweet she looked.

Noah got a monkey balloon (he called it the banana monkey-cracked me up) and right before he left he made sure they got one for his brother. Have you ever seen a cuter monkey or little boy before?

Karissa arrived, we hung out, and a good time was had by all.

Okay Mary Jo and Mom: this is for you. One of the fundraisers was to choose a number and wait for the chicken to poop on it. Yes, believe it or not.

Bet none of the rest of you out there spent time on Saturday waiting for a chicken to poop. Time to expand your horizons my friend!

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