Thursday, July 2, 2009

Notes from Cal

Hello all! All is going well here in the land of sunshine. Mom had a doctor appointment today and the doctor said the procedure they did in the hospital to help with the issue with her lungs did a good job, but the tumours are still there. She's going to make an appointment to see if she can get in a study: she was in the process of getting that in place when the issue with her lungs got in the way. So some good news, and now she gets to get back to fighting the cancer again.

I found some pictures in dad's files....this is Mark from our previous visit, sitting in the very same chair I am sitting in at this very same minute. Ha!

This is me from our previous visit, hanging out.

My sister Linda and my nephew Scott from their last visit, about a month ago I believe.

I took a walk first thing this morning and it was so nice out. I saw a couple of jack rabbits and lots of birds. Nice way to start the day, and a good time to get some walking in before the heat hits. I lived down here for years: I remember how hot it gets. And now that I live in Oregon I take the heat harder. I'm a softie now.


CFCina said...

Sending lots of happy thoughts & prayers to all of you! Thanks for the update! ~ Kathy

Mary Jo said...

Glad Mom is out of the hospital. Tell her we're thinking about her.