Wednesday, April 30, 2014


Yesterday morning I took off for Portland to turn in the sign in sheets from the Comcast Cares Day.
While waiting for MAX to arrive two young women were waiting for the train going in the other direction. They had two small girls with them, around 3 and 4 years old I would guess. The younger girl would go past the safety barrier and (I'm guessing she was the Mom) would finally notice and yell at her to get back because she was going to "get them in trouble".  Really? You couldn't watch her more carefully and then explain to her how unsafe it was, rather than it was just going to get them into trouble?
Why was the little girl able to do this? Because both of the young women were texting. Gads.
Another woman and myself were watching very closely, and one of the women noticed this. She took the children away from the tracks, and then continued to text. 
I then noticed the side of the bus next to me. 'Don't let LOL become DOA'. How true these words fit with the situation.

Mark turns 60 this year, so it's time for a party.
I noticed that one of the MAX trains was advertising the Punch Bowl Social Club.
That's where we're looking at having the party. Should be fun!!!

Now for some bits and pieces of Portand

                                                 Later in the day I went shopping.
        This table has a roll of paper for kids to draw on. Would have been perfect for Cari!

Having my morning coffee today in some lovely sunshine.
Have a great day my dears!!!!

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