Sunday, April 13, 2014

Remembering Mom

Yesterday Mark and I volunteered in downtown Portland for an event to bring about awareness of preventing colon cancer.  Our job was to help set up.

Mark was way helpful. I mean he really was.
Here he's helping to set up a big ole colon.

See? Here it is all ready for folks to walk through it and learn.

Mark and I did this to honor Mom. I miss her every day.
And to note that Mark is alive due to cancer research. He had two pre-cancerous polyps and they were caught before they could do any damage. We are so grateful for that.

These gals were a riot. Two are colon cancer Survivors, and one is a doctor.
They were fun to work with, and fun to watch as they practiced their dance moves for the afternoon activities. Lots of dancing was going to be happening.

So funny. Just couldn't resist posting.

We took part in a short parade.
A HS band was in town from Montana and happened to be performing where we gathered.
The organizers asked if they would be interested in leading the parade and they were more than happy to do so. It made it even better!

I hope that the message yesterday got out and folks who should be checked get it done.
Love you Mom.

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