Monday, April 7, 2014

Out and about in sunny Hillsboro!

Since it was so nice out I decided that Mark and I should enjoy the sunshine.
So while waiting for Mark to get off work I checked out some stuff at Freddies.
I got a kick out of this sign.

This is the view from the parking lot where Mark works.

Isn't it beautiful?

We went to a tulip farm nearby.
It wasn't quite what we expected.
We expected more tulips. There were a few down the road, but not very many.....
And hardly any by the farm house.  At least they had a windmill!

ARRGGGG!!  Pirates do be liking them some windmills!!

There you go.

So, after the shock of hardly any tulips, we took ourselves out for a beer.
I had a Rubinator. So yummy. And it was SO NICE sitting outside in a country setting.

I love the artwork at Rock Creek Tavern.

How could you not love this??
Look at the flying car!

The outside light was pretty cool.

Nearby is an old school.
I had to stop and take a picture.
What a wonderful day. So glad I had it off to enjoy.

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